Chix-A-Lot Friday: Wintery Winter Give-Away!

Hello friends, and say hello to my new puppies! That is, my ten very temporary foster puppies. Don’t they look like tiny Chick proteges?

Chickerdoodles-130124-10I will only have them for a short while so I am doing my best to teach them all about Chick-ness as quickly as possible, before they move on to their new homes — with you!

You see, a while back the nice people at Frosty Paws sent mama a pee-mail asking if I would like to do a give-away for them. As a prize, I would get my very own puppy to keep, as well as two packages of Frosty Paws (though mama is a health food nut and doesn’t let me and Doodlebug eat things like Frosty Paws because she says they’re junk food and make us allergenic).

But we talked about it, and we decided that it would be worth it just for the chance to share some winter frostiness with you and for my very own new puppy, Frosty!

So who would like to win two free packages of Frosty Paws frozen dog treats and their very own Frosty the Pup, fostered lovingly by yours truly? We have ten prize packs to give away, so your chances are very good! Here’s all you have to do:

Leave a comment on this post with your dog’s name(s), type of dog(s), and favorite treat. If it’s a homemade treat, give us the ingredients/instructions and you’ll get TWO chances to win!

My litter of puppies and I will be picking our ten winners next Wednesday, and will contact all winners by pee-mail. Can’t wait to hear from you!


**We in our household are big supporters of healthy, additive-free food for dogs. Given this, we feel it is our responsibility to say that Frosty Paws are a treat and should be considered one — like human ice cream, cheetos, or twinkies. Any of these things are fine now and then, but maybe not as an every day part of your diet, especially if you have a sensitive tummy like me and the ‘Bug. So enjoy your Frosty Paws in moderation and savor them for the rare treat that they are!**

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