Puppy Envy: why she’s top dog

As you’ve all probably noticed, we have been a little bit mysteriously missing lately. Well it turns out that our tiny dictator, Puppy E, has us all at her beck and call — and her wishes are not all that compatible with blogging! The boys are riveted with the miniature human. She gets all the privileges, has all the coolest stuff, and she gets even more attention out on the town than the boys do. Plenty to envy.

Here is the boys’ Top 5 list on the subject:

#5. She is an excellent sharer. Not only does she not show any interest in our tennis balls (what kind of puppy is she??), but she does not mind if we sniff at — and occasionally abscond with — her toys, which are always scattered about. If only we were so generous with our possessions!

#4. She does not get in trouble for her noisemaking. When we bark in the house, we get put in time out. When she barks? She gets picked up and scritched behind the ears — whether it’s happy barking or angry barking. How did she do that?

Evangeline-130816-218#3. Her wardrobe is better than ours. She has many, many fantastical garments with pit bulls on them, whereas we don’t have any puppy-themed outfits. We do have these cool t-shirts that our Aunt M sent us a while back, but obviously only one of them suits anymore. Wonder what we have to do to score some sweet new puppy-themed threads . . .

Snickerdoodle-120105-15#2 The camera adores her. We used to be the stars of the show in our house, and we did the Most Expertly modelings almost every day. Or so we thought — but this puppy is really stealing the spotlight. Boy, is she an expert at muggin’ for the camera!


#1 She is the queen of lap-sitting.  Ok. So maybe 52 pounds (Chick) and 61 pounds (Bug) is a bit big for lap-sitting, but that doesn’t mean we don’t give it the ol’ college try. Usually, the answer is “no,” and that’s cool, we’ve come to expect it. But then along comes this puppy, and she gets scooped up by everybody and either held or snuggled. Totally awesome. Sometimes, we get to co-snuggle with her, and that’s pretty cool. Her generosity extends beyond toy-sharing, it seems!


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