Dora the Explorer

We snatched up Dora the Explorer about a week after landing with all feet on the ground in Texas, following a big move from the DC area. And good golly, this girl helped us remember to have a little fun instead of worrying and unpacking nonstop. Dora loves to party!

Luckily, we knew exactly how to translate that love of fun into a love of work. Just a day or two after she arrived, we put Dora to work on the laundry, and she soon found that her true passion was supermodeling, as evidenced here and here. Her beauty and charms won the hearts of many, and soon enough packages started rolling in with gifts from admirers, like a beautiful new collar and a hoodie/jacket set! She won over her grand fosterparents when we took her on a weekend adventure to Galveston, too.

She constantly showed off what a good girl she is, and told us that her Christmas wish was a brand new home. Santa wasn’t able to deliver, but Dora got 2012 off to a rockin’ start by getting adopted!

Dora, we know your new life will be filled with all of the girly pleasures your little heart desires — a mama who adores you and lets you share the bed, a pink crate to match your pink hoodie, and many years full of fun and snuggles.

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    • I was thinking the same thing. I never heard whether she was found or not. Please let us know, no matter what the news was. She is in our hearts, so we want to know. Thanks.

      • She was never found. We hope she ended up in another loving home somehow. Thanks for thinking of her . . .

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