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  2. GREAT new page! I love changing my site – too often; I need to take advantage of the pages. So fun to see Lollie as I started following when you had sweet Gonzo And Blue is a DOLL – I look forward to learning more about her. Thanks for the change and congratulations on 50,000 hits.
    Each small colored section for your fosters is special. Well done.

  3. Looks great! I love that you’ve honored your history with each of these amazing dogs by making sure their stories are easy to find on a special page.

  4. What a great thing you are doing! I have a pit of my own, she is about 7 months old now. She is somewhat of a rescue because in her litter, no one wanted her. She would have gone to the rescue if we didn’t save her! She is a handful but we are working everyday to make her a good pup!

  5. Just want to thank you for all you’ve done for these beautiful souls. We have adopted a pittie-mix (my “soul dog”, Ellie) and a beagle-Lab mix (Jamie). But foster mommies and daddies (and sibs) have a special place in our hearts. Thank you!

    • Thanks for this very nice note! And for also reminding us that this page is super out of date. We need to create new “flashcards” for several past fosters!!

  6. The world needs more people like you… Brings tears to my eyes and fond memories of our German Shepherds who live back home in India with my parents.
    I moved to Dubai and live in an apartment… No pets allowed 😦 I may get parrots, but I sure miss my buddies back home.
    Thanks and please keep this going!

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