Playtime with puppy

Sometimes, the boys are totally enthralled by the stories Puppy E reads to them. They like it when she teaches them about the world.Evangeline-131204-121

Other times, they get silly — especially Doodlebug — and inspire big, bright peals of laughter in the puppy as she looks on with delight.Evangeline-131204-124

But most commonly, everybody just chills out. Chick favors more classic relaxation poses, while Doodlebug prefers his signature Dead Bug Pose, which he has been perfecting for years.


Last week we had a stretch of beautiful, 75 degree days here in Austin, and we took full advantage by spending all our time outdoors. Naturally, the boys wanted to join us in whatever we were doing. They happily found soft spots on the puppy’s blanket and basked in the pretty weather.

Overall, everybody is getting along great these days. Chick and Doodlebug are enormously interested in the puppy when she’s eating finger foods in her high chair, but otherwise still think she’s kind of boring — which is ideal.

We carefully set everybody up for success to make sure that when we’re all spending time together, the puppy is not pestering the dogs by pulling on their ears, grabbing their beautiful furs, or touching them in any way when they’re sleeping.

We’ve also noticed that the boys are much more comfortable around the baby — and much more eager to be near — if they have plenty of space to escape if they want to. It may seem counterintuitive, but in smaller, more enclosed spaces, they often seem anxious to keep their distance, whereas a big, airy room or the yard are the type of environment in which the boys are likely to snuggle up close to the puppy while she plays. Evangeline-131204-161Evangeline-131204-143

18 responses

  1. Love the pics and the hints of what training you are doing with baby E and the 4 leggers. I think many would benefit from hearing more, hopefully one day you will start another series now that the baby is actually here. She is lovely btw, making it much harder for me 😉

  2. I love seeing updates. Chick always looks so wise and solemn like he takes his job seriously and Doodle Bug always looks like he just wants to have fun. Puppy E just continues to get cuter!

  3. Beautiful photos and awww your two legged puppy is so very cute!! x x . I am currently very pleased my two dogs find our two legged twin puppies as boring as Chick and Doodle find puppy E!!

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