Country dogs & a treat review

Last weekend the temps dipped into the chilly 50s overnight and low 80s during the day, and we packed up our puppy and headed out to the country for a weekend in the fresh air.


We kicked it old school in a vintage 1960s airstream trailer at night, but during the daytimes, we kept busy. We did some hikings, and mama and dad did some air scenting with us (which means one of THEM runs and hides in the woods and one of US has to go find them by smell).

Chickerdoodle-120922-48Only here’s the thing. We are pretty new at these air scentings, so mama and dad decided to make it a little easier for us and bring an extra-delicious treat along on their hidings — a treat that smells so yummable that we would certainly find its scent and follow it, even amidst all of the deer and coyote smells out there.

We brought our Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Jerky Bars — the Salmon & Sweet Potato ones. We got these from our good friends at, who invited us a while back to be a part of their blogger reviewer team.

And let us tell you, folks, these are some awfully yummable treats. Unlike the Orijen treats¬†we reviewed last time, these jerky bars are nice and firm, so they do not crumble all over the ground and our mama and dad’s pockets. And unlike the Orijen treats, they are SUPER smelly, which makes them most excellent for getting our attentions even when they are most distractible. But they still have very few ingredients, and all of the ingredients are real food — not strange additives — which our mama likes.

Anyhow, we brought these along, and they were just the ticket. Mama held our leashes and covered our eyes so we couldn’t see our treats dad running away and hiding in the woods, and we sniffed and whimpered in anticipation. When the time was right, mama cut us loose, and we went galloping and sniffing to find him. And find him we did.

And we got nice and tuckered out.


What kinds of funs do YOU have when you go on vacation with your dogs?

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