Stevie Wonder

Stevie came into our home in mid-June from the Montgomery County Humane Society, where she had lived for about a month. When we met her, she was a trembling, cowering, withdrawn mess – she did not even want to be petted or wag her tail at people stopping at her enclosure to say hello. It took her a few days to adjust to living in a home and starting trusting us enough to relax, but we quickly discovered what makes her tick – playing fetch, snuggling, and tongue-slinging.  In little time, she became a perfect house pet, even learning to romance the kong and sit in chairs.

Over July 4 weekend, Stevie got to come with foster mom and dad on a summer lake vacation full of boating, deathing sticks, and swimming. She loved the swimming so much that she insisted that a doggie pool be set up in the yard for her to splash around in, which she did daily at the height of the summer. She complemented the doggie pool swimming with popsicle eating – another of her favorite ways to stay cool.

She was very brave after her spay, and to reward her, she got a beautiful new collar and tag and a private concert by foster dad. After she recovered, she turned her full attention to her foster brother Sir Chick. She did all she could to woo him, and at first, he was having none of it. She tried all different approaches, including the “I love you” flip, mimicking him, and sneaky snuggling. She finally wore him down, and he started to appreciate her company. So much so that he took her to the prom!

Even though she attended various adoption events, took tractor rides, and wore her “adopt me” vest everywhere, it took two months for her perfect family to find her. An initial meet-and-greet and a beautiful letter attached to their application left us crossing all our fingers, paws, and toes that this family would turn out to be Stevie’s One. Pretty soon, she was adopted! With tears in our eyes we saw her off to her perfect new life. Congrats Stevie Wonder – you lucked your way into a life even more perfect that we could have imagined.

To read Stevie Wonder’s story in its entirety, start here, and use the navigation buttons at the top of each post to move foward.

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