toys: a strange novelty

Date: last night. Location: my suite. Feeling: confused . . . i’m in love with a worm!

We have reason to believe that Lolita has never played with toys before. Balls are of no interest unless they’re moving, but the raised arm that has to throw them is scary. Same goes for sticks– even scarier. Stuffed animals are just downright confusing.

After what seemed like eons of encouragement, we finally got her to play with the blue worm/hotdog toy we bought her the day we brought her home. She nibbled on it tenderly, and initially recoiled in fear when it produced a surprising little squeak. Progress was made, but she seems to prefer just holding it lovingly than actually playing with it– as though she’s afraid she might hurt it.

7 responses

  1. We felt very smug when our pitty would only ‘love’ his toys and not tear them up the way we heard other dogs do. But then Wilbur discovered the joy of stuffy stuffing! Last night his favorite toy Hedgy the Hedgehog bought the farm and I’m still finding his innards scattered throughout the apartment. I hope Lola resists this kind of temptation!

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