Week One in Review

In honor of Lollie’s first full week at Casa Fosterfamily, I am posting some progress notes and discoveries made during our first seven days.

Day 1:

  • Lollie is discovered to be housebroken and also very quiet. Wet, sloppy kisses abound.
  • Lollie doesn’t seem to know what a toy is, and cowers when one is raised to throw.
  • No interest in kibble, but peanut butter is a friend.

Day 2:

  • Lollie does not know how to walk on leash. Straight lines are not on her agenda.
  • Kong toys are too complex to capture Lollie’s attention, and dinner is left untouched in the bowl. As is breakfast.
  • Camera is perceived as enemy to be wary of, much to foster mom’s disappointment.

Day 3:

  • Whereas Lollie does not know how to walk on leash, she is an excellent running partner. Strange, but true.  
  • Lollie calmly and gently greets two dogs while out in neighborhood.
  • Lollie is a perfect gentlelady in the presence of houseguests. No jumping, play-biting or barking, only sitting sweetly for attention (of which she receives plenty).
  • After some reservation, both breakfast and dinner are consumed in their entirety.

Day 4:

  • First attempts at true leash training. Lollie is initially stubborn, but eventually starts to understand that pulling gets you nowhere. Very fast learner.
  • Lollie discovers that stuffed animals are fun for squeaking and chewing.

Day 5:

  • Leash training continues, progress is made.
  • Lollie discovers her love for cauliflower and other things vegetable and fruit.
  • Lollie meets some neighborhood kids by chance, sits calmly and gently to be petted.

Day 6:

  • Lollie learns to trot happily into her crate for breakfast and dinner, utters no protest.
  • Work begins on sitting to put on leash or for permission to go outside. Seems calmer in the house.

Day 7:

  • Cars are so scary that it’s nearly debilitating. Lollie goes into pancake mode if one drives by close and fast. Once on a quiet trail, good side-by-side running resumes.
  • Good crazy-fit before bed, including upside down antics on the bed with four legs flailing in the air.
  • Lollie holds still for the camera long enough to show off her beautiful, soulful eyes:

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    • Thank you for loving her so well! Without people like you, who knows if she would have been so well adjusted after 2 months at the shelter…

      typed telephonically. please excuse tybos.

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