queen kong

Lollie is an incredibly fast learner. Because her energy level is high and she has a hard time figuring out how to settle down, we decided to introduce puzzles to her routine to help her exhaust her mental energy. First up was the Kong (a tough, rubber, pear-shaped toy that is hollow in the middle so you can put treats, food, etc in it). The first day, she merely poked at it with her nose, licked it once or twice, and walked away. She just didn’t understand. The second day, I put some more delicious treats inside and rubbed some peanut butter on the outside to keep her interest. She rolled it around a little until a couple of treats fell out, but again, lost interest. Later that day I tried again, and she went to town on it. She played with it for 20 minutes and got every last bit of treats and carrot bits out. What a little genius-dog.

9 responses

  1. Kongs are the best invention ever. I used to have the hardest time keeping our Miss M busy when she was younger, and we were snowed in, but she loves the Kong puzzles. Our dogwalker also gave us a ball that they need to learn how to bounce and the treat comes out.

  2. Morgan has become a GENIUS treat getter-outer. I’ve had to buy seriously complicated contraptions to keep his brain busy. But no matter how complicated, he will ALWAYS get the treat out. Having a food motivated dog makes training such a pleasure!

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