Adoptability factor 3: Drop Dead Gorgeousness + Kibble for Comments

***For every comment* left on Love and a Six-Foot Leash posts from December 15th-December 31st 2010, we will donate one pound of high-quality dog food to Lollie’s sugar daddy, the Montgomery County Humane Society. Together, by spreading the word about adoptable Lollie Wonderdog, we can find her a forever home!!***

This is the third in our new weekly series on what makes sweet Lollie Wonderdog so very adoptable. Although there are endless adoptability factors we could list, we are limiting this to a weekly series so we don’t overwhelm you too much. 

Adoptability factor archive: 1: Snugglability  2: Trainability

my right side is my best side . . . as is my left side

Nobody wants to admit that they’re superficial, but come on. We all are, a little bit. And let’s face it: Lollie is just a stunning dog. She’s got it all: those soulful, sensitive eyes; that model’s bone structure in her face; those beautifully-shaped, expressive ears; her perfectly-distributed brindle patches; and the rippling muscles in her broad chest and shoulders, tiny waist, and sculpted hips and legs. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

 When we take her out, it’s hard to even walk down the street without being stopped by strangers every 30 seconds—“your dog is so gorgeous,” they all say. “And what a sweetheart,” as soon as she turns on the charm. “Indeed,” we reply. “Indeed.”

*up to 250 lbs of food; no multiple posts in a row by the same contributor

24 responses

  1. I agree what a beautiful dog! Her brindle patches and floppy ears get me every time. She is going to make an adopted family very lucky. And what a great idea (the kibble for comments)!

  2. You have apparently gotten Lollie more than comfortable with the camera! Actually if I’m not mistaken I believe you gave the job to Chick the OG Wonderdog, to get Lollie to get more photogenic….I believe he did his job!

  3. I stumbled across your blog recently and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed reading so far! Your photos are beautiful and your model isn’t too bad either;) I hope that Lollie finds her forever home very soon. She sounds like a perfect girl! I lived in DC for six years and am happy to see people helping out the pits there.

  4. Absolutely! She is beyond gorgeous, breath-taking even. So what is their problem? With that little “adopte me” jacket, how are people resisting her lure?

    I agree with Flash and Ollie, I would stop by every day just to ogle.

  5. What a beauty! You guys are doing an amazing job with her. Good Luck Miss Lollie with finding your home!
    Quizz (formerly of Mt. Airy, Md) Richmond, VA

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