Adoptability factor 4: Magnetic Personality

This is the fourth in our regular series on what makes sweet Lollie Wonderdog so very adoptable. Sorry for missing a few weeks during the holidays, but we’re back with this popular series! Although there are endless adoptability factors we could list, we are limiting this to an occasional series so we don’t overwhelm you too much. 

Adoptability factor archive: 1: Snugglability 2: Trainability 3: Drop Dead Gorgeousness

You know those people that everybody just flocks to? You find yourself acting kind of goofy around them because for some reason you want to impress them? When you’re around them, it just makes you feel good? Babies trust them, the media loves them, they’re always perfectly nice and funny, they dress well, and they can craft a flawless vodka martini? Well, that person is Lollie Wonderdog.

In only 10 short weeks, she’s been in local online newspapers three times, been featured on the evening news once, and has received stacks and stacks of mail from her admirers and friends. When we take her for a weekend outing to a busy area, people huddle around her. They can’t help but touch her and hug her, and find themselves giggling uncontrollably at how they never thought they could feel this way about a pit bull. I don’t know how she does what she does, but she is positively irresistible. And it’s not just the media and regular street folk who love her.

Clean cut lawyers love her:

Guys with shaved heads and tattoos love her: 

Girl scouts love her:

Even Santa Claus loves her!

With this kind of magnetism and charm, how could anybody resist adopting her? Come to think of it, I’m thinking Lollie would make an excellent winglady for a single person . . . she would be a great chick magnet or guy magnet!

For more info on adopting Lollie Wonderdog, contact us at or 301-520-7123.

13 responses

  1. And me and my mom luv her, too! Every time mom sees a picture of her, she just wants to kiss her little face. It doesn’t make me jealous cuz I can’t blame her. Lollie looks Most Kissable!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. You’ve certainly worked hard to find a good home for Lollie. I hope the right family turns up soon.

    I passed your blog onto my sister in MD (which is why I was asking how Lollie did with cats).

    Does Lollie have an “adopt me” jacket to wear on her walks?

  3. She would make an amazing ‘wingwoman’. Not only is she so sharp-looking that she would turn heads, but she really does have a kinetic personality. For all of those books out there for single girls, they really don’t realize how a great dog can not only help you meet people, but easily weed out the bad ones. I actually used to bring Miss M on some ‘first dates’ (usually walks and ice-cream) and she was the perfect excuse to go home if things weren’t going well.

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