On slumber and daydreams

Living with Lollie day to day, we forget that not everybody knows the little things about her that are so nice. We have begun documenting the bigger things through our Adoptability series of posts, but little things sometimes go unmentioned in the blogosphere—like the fact that she sheds much less than her foster brother Chick and remains fresh-smelling weeks after a bath, when other dogs would be smelling of ripe fritos.

Recently, somebody asked us where she sleeps. This is another lovely little thing about Lollie. She is perfectly happy to sleep on our bed:

. . . or on the guest bed:

. . . or on her foster brother Chick’s bed:

. . . or just in my lap:

. . . but when it’s time for us to go to work or turn in for the night, all we have to say is “load up!” and Lollie trots happily into her crate to snuggle in.

It was important for us to make sure Lollie was properly crate trained, because a crate trained dog gives the adopter the full range of options for living and sleeping arrangements, easing the transition into a new home for all parties involved. This is another big advantage of adopting a foster dog!

For more info on adopting Lollie, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com or 301-520-7123.

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  1. I’m surprised Lollie hasn’t found her permanent family yet. We had each of our fosters for about a month before they were adopted, but we didn’t have a blog about them, and while they were crate-trained, they were not nearly as well-behaved and adoptable as Lollie the Wonderdog. I wonder what potential adopters think–do they think it would be mean to adopt her and take her away from her great foster home where she loves everyone? It would be interesting to survey those who read the blog or otherwise encounter Lollie, in person or online.

    • I agree. I have been wondering the same myself. What is it about Lollie that prevents people from wanting to take her home? She sounds pretty amazing to me.

    • we are somewhat surprised too, but with it being winter and her being a pit bull, the odds are stacked against her. there have been some mumblings of interest over the past few days, so we are keeping our fingers and paws crossed that she finds her perfect home very soon! i also like the idea of the survey though. we need to knock out any misperceptions that are serving as adoption barriers!

      • SurveyMonkey has free accounts that are easy to use. I have a pro account, too, if you want to collaborate. BTW, a colleague sent me the Best Friends magazine article on Handsome Dan with your photos. Beautiful work!

  2. Load up! I like it, a much more fun command then “in your crate”, which is what we use. I need to start coming up with more creative verbal cues.

  3. She really does seem like the perfect dog, especially if she doesn’t end up smelling like Fritos which is such a big issue over here. I think it is really positive that you are training her with so many good behaviors, especially the crate training which can be so hard to relearn once they don’t have that option. I always say how shocked I am that she hasn’t been adopted, but I’m guessing the weather also. It seems like she would be so easy to transition into someone’s home, I can’t imagine how people can’t see that too.

  4. We actually like Nandy’s ‘fri-toes’ 🙂 Now if we could stop her from being able to transform herself from a 50 lb easy-going baby to 100 lbs of fear at bathtime I’d be happy lol

  5. Super work as always on the photos and extra super work on her being crate trained. Trevor now heads to his crate when he gets really sleepy without us telling him…that is if he hasn’t dragged his bedding all over the house!

  6. I’m sure a good part of it is the weather (and the holidays don’t help either). I think it also just takes longer to adopt out pits too. Do you have your blog link on Lollie’s petfinder page? I’m so glad she’s so comfortable with you guys 🙂 She’s certainly a relaxed pup!

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