Lily’s sending off party

The night before Lollie Wonderdog left our foster care and became Lily Fireworks in her forever home, we had a little goodbye celebration for her. All her favorite people came, bearing gifts, treats, and hugs. From her foster mom and dad she got an indulgent helping of treats and an extra-long walk.

From her aunt Kelly she got a fun bone-shaped stuffie to rip apart, and a very cute new sweater:

From her uncle Dave/Santa, she got a fabulous new pink feather boa . . .

and a visor with her new name on it (also doubles as a neck kerchief)

Everybody except the dogs toasted to Lily F’s progress, journey, and beautiful new life with a nice craft beer (the dogs toasted with their regular old bowl of water). It was a lovely send-off for a spectacular wonderdog.

18 responses

  1. I agree with Heather above. The pic of her in the visor is awesome!! She actually looks as if she is smiling! What a little ham!

  2. Yeah I might be a little biased but that picture of her in the visor I got her is killing me! She looks so adorable!!! That was a great goodbye party…my favorite part was the last hour or so when she just laid in my lap the whole time! We all still love you Lily Fireworks!!!

  3. Craft beer…mmmmm

    The visor/neck kerchief is genius. I immediately pictured Lollie in a polo shirt on the golf course. 😉

    That’s awesome you had a send-off party. It sounds like she was loved by so many while she was with you. Good luck, Lily!

  4. Wow! Lookit that great pawty and all that super terrific stuffs she got! Gosh, I think Lily was born to wear a boa, don’t you? I prolly woulda eaten it.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    • Lily definitely put effort into tying to eat the boa…we managed to prevent that for the most part but unfortunately the visor wound up not making it to the forever home!

  5. Would have loved to be there for her graduation from Foster Care into her new Life and home. Have to admit, she looks better (and much happier) in the visor than the pumpkin costume she tolerated last October

  6. Awww, Lollie, you look so happy! It’s like she knew she was about to start an awesome new adventure. I love that girl. I hope her new family realise just how special she is and how lucky they are.

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