A letter from Lily (Lollie Wonderdog)

Lollie/Lily sent us a letter, and her dear mom said it would be ok if we shared it on the blog — so check out how great she’s doing in her new home!

Dear Fostermom and dad,

I hope you guys had a fantastic time in Costa Rica. Someday i’d like to go there . . . do they let dogs go?

Well, I’m getting settled in my new digs, and I’ve already had my new mom and dad redecorate for me!  Since they have low windows, I just can’t resist yelling at ALL the squirrels . . . and there’s a lot of them.  So I helped them put up some “frosted” things on the windows.  Wasn’t I suprised when I realized I couldn’t push them aside with my snout like I could do with the curtains!  The nice thing is that my mom doesn’t have to clean the snout marks off the window anymore, and I’m much quieter now that I can’t see all the squirrels, but I wonder if they miss me as much as I miss them?

I’m loving my new dad . . . he picks me up, sings me songs, calls me ‘sweetie’, and lets me hang out on his lap . . . imagine a pit bull as a lap dog!  And he didn’t think he even liked dogs very much!  I’m still waiting for that purse I was promised, though.

Isaiah and Olivia use me as a pillow when they read, and I’m getting better at letting them know I’m ready to get up. Before I learned, their heads hit the ground hard when I decided being a pillow wasn’t working for me and I got up . . . oops!

Speaking of oops, mom made a GIANT oops when she bought me some new treats!  I tried to tell her I don’t do wheat well . . . I showed my new family how I can clear a room in two minutes when not very lady-like scents came from me. Important lesson noted!

I also started doggie school . . . It’s in a big room full of dogs!  I really want to sniff everyone’s butts, but my teacher says “not yet!”  All the assistants told me I was the star of the class!  They were impressed that I already knew so many tricks . . . they couldn’t believe that I have only been with my family for a few weeks.  My mom told the teachers my story and how I was with a fantastic foster family, and then they talked a lot about the benefits of fostering bully breeds.  The teachers were so impressed with how loving I was.  Fostermom, we’re all so glad you got me out of the shelter, so everyone could see how loving and sweet I am.  I have been working very hard on “watch me”, “touch” and loose leash walking . . . When I’m the only dog around I do just great . . . but all these little dogs in the neighborhood! I keep picturing them slathered in ketchup . . .yum! My parents say that’s not acceptable, so I have a lot of homework to do!

It’s not all work though!  We’ve gone hiking a lot . . . I fell off a log into a stream once, and I realized I could swim! That night I had a nice warm bath, and rested in a nice warm blankie by the fireplace . . . I requested an irish coffee or a hot buttered rum, but I settled for a peanut buttery kong!

Anyway Fostermom, I just wanted to let you know I’m doing great . . . I’m settling in with my new people. They take care of me, and I’m doing fine . . . as long as there’s no wheat around – stinky!!

See you soon and love to all my adoring fans!

Lily Fireworks

12 responses

  1. Oh Lollums-Lily-i-o! We so enjoyed hearing your update. Squirrels — check. Snout marks on window glass — check. Pillows — check. Wheat-free — check. Three arooooo-cheers for you!

  2. What a nice letter from Lily! She’s a better correspondent than most people! I don’t have to imagine a pit bull as lap dog, as we have two real-life examples of that. The part about Lily’s changing dad’s mind about his feelings about dogs–that is a classic pit bull trick, isn’t it? Other dogs learn “sit,” “stay,” and “down,” but pit bulls have an incredibly powerful trick as an innate talent–the ability to change people’s minds about them. Too bad it only works with contact!

    I’d love to see photos of Lily the pillow. I read this blog entry during a brief break from reviewing the research on use of dogs in programs to help kids learn to read. If Lily’s family sends photos and gives permission I would love to use a photo to illustrate the idea!

    BTW, have you heard whether December has a foster or adopter yet? I shared her story, and I know at least one of my contacts passed it on to others in Virginia. Best wishes to her.

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