what kind of dog IS that?

Well, a very promising application for Mr. Ears was foiled this week, because of the apartment complex’s archaic breed ban on pit bulls and similar mixes, among other breeds.

It’s a real shame, too. The family really connected with Mr. Ears, and were very excited to make him a part of their family. We loved that they were a combo of experienced dog people and first-time dog owners: Gonzo is a very easy and worry-free dog so he would be great for first-timers, but rescues always love adopting dogs to families with dog experience, too.

We don’t know for sure whether Gonzo is a pit bull mix or not, but one frustrating thing (of many!) about breed bans is that they are enforced not based on actual genetic composition, but rather on appearance.  And lucky or not, Gonzo looks to be part bully breed.

And so, the search for Gonzo’s forever-family goes on.

As you can imagine, we hear a lot of “what kind of dog is that?” when we parade around proudly with dear Gonzo Bunny-Ears. Although we are very curious, Fosterdad and I are too cheap to buy a DNA test for Mr. Ears, so we’re going to have to figure this one out using good common sense.

We have heard a lot of ideas bounced around, including the illustrated ones below (clockwise from top left, chihuahua, boston terrier, french bulldog, pit bull). Is Mr. Ears a combo of some of these, with possibly a splash of bunny rabbit? Are there other breeds we should take into consideration?

Let’s crack this one, friends!

For more info on adopting Gonzo, contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com, or click here.

12 responses

  1. I hate when places have bans like that… it really is the people that create all these problems with these breeds, it’s not fair that the dogs get the short end of the stick. I wish people were more responsible with their pets these days as a whole.

    As far as Mr. Ears breed…. those ears really do throw you… there is no way you think they were ever shaped that way by a human hand? I think they could possibly come from a frenchie… would lend a hand to his smaller size too. I will have to sit and think about what other breeds have more round erect ears… I would think if he had boston he would have some sort of color from them too as that seems to be such a strong gene. From what I’ve heard the DNA tests are hit or miss anyway, so save your money and guess off of looks and personality. He is one cute 4 legger whatever he is.


    PS. I love the new header

  2. He’s a bitsa (a bit of this and a bit of that). In Gonzo’s case he’s a bit of dog and a bit of rabbit; or maybe a chinchilla. He actually looks like he has chinchilla ears.

  3. i’m going with pitty/frenchie combo. and probably lots of heinz 57 splashed around for effect. i was reading up that lots of pits have the batty, er bunny ears and they either fall or get taped down or cropped. (Bad people).

    but honestly, i was thinking the other day that with his nose, he looks part piglet.

  4. He’s definitely a dog/bunny mix. No doubt.

    That’s a shame about the breed restrictions on that apartment. For lack of a better way of putting it – breed restrictions like that are dumb. The dog we fostered was absolutely without a doubt half pittie, but you would NEVER know by looking at her. (her mom was a pittie in rescue too.) It’s crazy to think that our foster would pass any breed restriction test but Gonzo wouldn’t (even though his background is so unclear) just because those tests are based on the look of the dog. Just another example of how those rules are ineffective.

    I’m sorry this family didn’t work out for him. I hope they still consider adopting a dog and I’m sure Gonzo will find his forever home soon!

  5. We got around the bans by saying his non-bully breed first then saying “mix”. And I would correct people when they would say, oh no, he looks like a pit bull. I’d say, isn’t that funny how looks can be deceiving?

    I’d say Gonzo is a rare all white Boston Terrier “mix”. 🙂

  6. I’ve been calling him a Frenchie-Pit mix since I first saw him…I’m sure, like someone said above, that there is a little bit of a buncha other things (possibly bunny) in there but his primary breeds are Frenchie & Pit IMO.

  7. This makes me so, so, so sad. Mom always says that breed bans are stoopid cuz it’s not based on what a dog IS or who they are inside, but on looks alone. When humans are little, their pawrents teach them not to judge other peoples on what they look like. So why is it okay to judge US on what we look like?

    BUTT…I know that Gonzo will find his Most Perfect Home That Ever Was very, very soon.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I think Gonzo is that hard-to-find Bullunny breed. Or is it Bunbull? Either way, it’s very, very rare.

  8. Breed bans are quickly becomming my number one pet peeve. It seems they are every where and all they do is prevent good dogs from living good lives. At best they do nothing and at worst they are responsible for killing way too many awesome animals. Ugh!

    That said, I had wondered if Gonzo was part French bulldog due to his ears. Who knows? Catherine does have a great idea. Since I am pretty sure my dog is part Am Staff, if I ever have to find a new place I will use the breed the shelter told us, Australian Cattle dog. It sounds much nicer to non-educated ears.

  9. Poor Mr. Ears! It is such a shame that such a sweet, tiny, big eared pup can be banned because he may have some sort of bully in him. I bet his potential family was heart broken! I am sure there are plenty of other spectacular families that would love a Mr. Ears in their life.

  10. Mr. Ears, are you part Corgi? Corgis have mighty big ears as you know! Or Rat Terrier perhaps? At any rate we like you just the way you are!

    Of course this is the problem with BSL (other than the fact that it judges all dogs on the actions of a few). You can’t always tell a dog what breed it is just by looking at it. I once rescued a puppy who turned out to be a Vizsla. But the woman with me said that the dog looked like a pittie because her forehead was wrinkled!?!

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