Gonzo’s favorite things: playing tug

Gonzo Bunny-Ears is an agreeable little guy, and there are many things he likes. The first thing? Tug of War.

He likes it so much, in fact, that he will hold on to that rope toy even if you lift it so high that his entire body dangles off the ground, like a cartoon. Needless to say, we like this, too.

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  1. Oh, I LUVS tug, too! And sometimes mom lifts me off the ground, too. That’s lotsa fun. Does Gonzo go, “GRRRRRR! GRRRRR!” when he’s tugging? I do that cuz I like to pretend that I’m tough. Even though I’m not.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    • yes he does! but his sounds more like “GRRRRR-MUFF! GRRRRR-MUFF!” he, too, is pretending πŸ™‚

      your mom must be pretty tough to lift you off the ground. you look like you weigh a little more than gonzo’s 35 pounds, mayzie!

      • I know I LOOK like it but I only weigh 38 pounds! Everybuddy’s always so surprised when they meet me in pawson that I’m so little.

  2. I am with Pat – snapping a photo while playing tug of war is impressive. I’ve tried it. And failed miserably. πŸ˜‰

    One of Gus’s favorite things is playing tug, too. He could tug for hours!

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  4. Gonzo needs to meet the part-pit at our dog park, who also LOVES tug of war. He runs around the park, shaking his red rubber bowling pin at everyone hoping to entice them into a game. I’ve never won against him, and, like Gonzo, you can lift him right off the ground! And he loves playing tug with other dogs!

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