Gonzo’s favorite things: romancing the kong

Gonzo loves playing tug, hanging out with other dogs, and helping out in the kitchen, but possibly more than all of these things, Gonzo loves romancing a kong. His tenacious terrier nature really goes on display when you give him a food-stuffed kong to chew on. You can almost hear his little heart sing in happiness. Even his ears are cocked in concentration:

16 responses

  1. Every buddy loves the kongs but us. We don’t like stinky rubber smell, hmmmm. But you sure make it look good trying to get your stuffs out
    Benny & Lily

  2. I had a senior adoptable bluetick Coonhound mix named Harry. Harry LOVED his Wubbas, which are made by Kong. When he got a new Wubba, he would take it in a corner not unlike Gonzo but I would hear obscene noises as he broke it in. I miss that boy – he was initially unattractive but turned out to be a Skin Horse of a dog. I am quite certain God is very amused by Harry in heaven. Go, Gonzo, go!

  3. Maybe it’s a bully thing. Both my Staffys love their Kongs (Did you know they even made a senior version? My 11 year old loves his ’cause it’s so soft and chewy) – well, they don’t really have a choice because that’s what their dinners are being served in. We are always on the look-out for other food dispensing toys and have just tried the Gatorade bottle as shown in one of your earlier posts. Great hit, thanks for the tip!

    • I would come to this site all the time anyway because Alex is a friend of mine and the pics are so great but I really love it here so much because I am ALWAYS getting great advice about something or some new tip I never thought of for something else.

  4. I really can’t believe Gonzo has not been adopted. I am sure his family is coming soon.
    My new fav is the kong wobble. (not sure if that’s the official name, but that’s what I call it because the basic principle is that of weeble wobble toys) It’s about seven inches tall and the bottom half weighted down by sand. I fill the top half with kibble or anythig dry and small-ish. The Danimal bats it around and is amazed when a piece of food falls out. He is not the smartest dog in my pack and is usually too slow to retrieve the released treat, but his cattle dog sister rests stealthily on her bed nearby and goes in for the food when something drops. A great toy!

  5. Oh, yes, another familiar look. Tommy loves his kong and he gets that same look of concentration on his face – although he has one ear up and one down. This is a great photo. There’s this sense of Zen calmness to it with Gonzo so focused on his goal. He’s so entertaining!

  6. Kongs are the greatest invention ever! I don’t know what we would do without them. Gonzo looks like he’s trying reeeeeealy hard to get that last bit at the bottom out. So cute.

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