gonzo bobblehead

A couple weeks ago we wrote about the magic of kongs and other dog puzzles for keeping a dog’s mental game sharp, tempering anxiety, and just creating good fun.

Gonzo thought it was high time you learned about another favorite treat-dispensing toy of his:

This one is the StarMark Bob A Lot, but it’s very similar to the Kong Wobbler. Essentially, it’s a bottom-weighted, pear-shaped toy.  You pour food into an opening, screw the top on, and watch.

The dog has to paw the toy to make it bobble, and treats are dispensed through a hole near the bottom.

We like the Bob A Lot because the treat dispensing hole is adjustable, so it can get bigger or smaller depending on the type of treats and the skill level of the dog.  Mr. Ears loves it!

12 responses

  1. that one looks like a challenge for sure. The nice thing is it would be harder to the pups to get it stuck under things as it does not roll as well. That’s always a problem here, we often are missing a puzzle because it’s lodged under the bed. Ah the joys of small apartments. Maybe I will look into getting this.

  2. I saw this in Global Pet Foods on the weekend. Or something very similar. I thought about getting it at the time but wasn’t sure if it could hold up to Her Destructiveness. I really like that it’s adjustable. Maybe the next time I see it I will give it a shot. Gonzo looks like he’s had a blast!

    • it definitely is chewable, so she may be able to gnaw some of the plastic off the top. it definitely would not be the prime way to get the treats out, though. let me know if you try!

  3. Mom gots me a Kong wobbler thing and, well, it kinda skeers me. I wish it was just a teensy bit smaller. Maybe that would help.

    Anyway, seeing as how Gonzo likes that thing so much, maybe I oughta give the Wobbler another try.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. Looks like Gonzo is loving this treat dispenser….and it’ll keep him occupied for quite some time. Again I will say…Gonzo is so lucky to have you as his foster HuMom.

  5. How have I never heard of the Bob a Lot?! Tommy would love that thing. Thanks for the great tip! Love the photos, as usual, especially the eye-popping crazed look between the table legs. Ha!

  6. This looks great. Reggie has the Wobbler, but it’s made of hard plastic. Didn’t realize that when I ordered it online. I thought it would be rubberized like the little Kong. Problem is it makes a LOT of noise as he rolls it on the floor and bangs into furniture. Is the Bob a Lot rubberized? This one might be just what we’re looking for.

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