Blast from the past: Lollie Wonderdog update!

We can’t wait to introduce everyone to our newest foster darling, but first, a long-promised update on Lollie Wonderdog! New to Lollie? Click on any of the links within this post to read more about that piece of Lollie’s story.

Dear Lollie Wonderdog was our very first foster dog. She was a sweet girl with a winning smile and a sad past, and she lived with us for almost five months, learning how to be a house pet and waiting for the perfect family to come along. Lollie had been bred, beaten, starved, and tossed in a dumpster to die. Wonderful, heroic animal control officers rescued her, and she came to live at the county shelter. For months and months. You see, dear Lollie was skinny, dirty, and had marks of abuse all over her face and body. Despite her fetching personality and adorable smile, she kept getting overlooked.

Lucky for us and lucky for her, we came to know about her, and brought her home to foster. In our home, she learned how to play with toys, how to walk on a leash, how to snuggle with a human, and how to solve a dog treat puzzle. She blossomed, and in February, we found her perfect home — a sweet, active family with beautiful kids, an adventuresome life, and a nice yard. Lily and her new mom shared a special connection and the rest of the family soon fell in love as well. Her adoption was a little bittersweet for us because we had grown to love her so much, but time has healed our heartache and all that remains is total happiness.

A couple of weekends ago, we had the great pleasure of visiting with Lily and her family. She is doing great. Lily’s mom takes her running and biking in the mornings, the kids play with her and read to her in the house and yard, and dad is head over heels in love with her — he cradles her in his lap, calls her sweetie, and sings love ballads to her. Her family takes her on lots of adventures, including a hike in the Shenandoah mountains over Memorial Day weekend!

She graduated with honors from her obedience class, and– of course — was the star of her class. Now, she’s working on her PhD through private tutoring with a wonderful trainer, who is helping her work on the fine points of not barking at squirrels through the windows.

Lily seemed totally happy and relaxed when we visited, except when we first stepped out of the car. She came barreling at us and nearly knocked us over with excitement! We were happy to see her, too. Here are a few photos of beautiful Lily Fireworks and her beautiful family.

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  1. Great post, I joined your blog after you had already placed her so I never knew much about her. It’s amazing how dogs come around and don’t live in the past if you move on with them. I bet it was nice to see them all again, looks like she is livin’ it up now.

  2. We read your blog starting with Gonzo, but had gone back in time to read about Lollie. You should be so proud of all your hard work with these amazing fosters! Does Lollie still have that cute little waist? She looks very happy, and we wish her the best of luck with her PhD, we know how hard that may be ;).

  3. It’s so amazing to see how happy they are together! Not only do you come across amazing dogs, you seem to find the most amazing forever families as well! The dogs who come into your life are extremely fortunate to find themselves in such caring, thoughtful, attentive hands. I wish there were more people like you in the world!

  4. Grrrrreat Update! Thanks so much for giving us a peak of Lolly/ Lilly & her beautiful forever family! Everyone looks so happy. Awesome! (now…how is Mr Bunny Ears doing in his new home????) LOL Your blog is just so wonderful that we get to know your fosters & love them as you do! You are a very special family! 🙂

  5. Yay Lollie/Lily! A happy ending to a remarkable story. Thanks so much for posting an udpate. She looks so comfortable and at ease with her forever family.

  6. Oh Lollie how I have missed posts about you! I have been looking so forward to her update, she looks like she is absolutely THRIVING! I am so happy sweet Lollie found her forever home.

  7. Lily/Lollie looks so happy and relaxed! And her new family – well, it’s apparent that they love her very much. Looks like a perfect match. So happy for Lily. She had a tough start in life, but hopefully these good moments will make her forget her past. What a sweet and beautiful girl.

  8. Hi Lily!
    So great to see you again! As a strange coincidence I just started reading the book you and your foster mom recommended “Everything is Illuminated”.
    You look so very, very happy in your forever home and it sounds like you have them wrapped around your paw. Thatta girl!

  9. Lillie/Lollie Wonderdog’s story gets me all choked up. I’m just so happy for her, her new family and her incredible foster parents. You guys must be filled with pride knowing you guided her to the happiest home possible. Kudos to you all.

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