A new blog feature!

So, we at Casa Fosterfamily have been a little jealous of all of the pretty blog improvements that some of our friends have been making lately, and thought we should try to spiff up our own blog a little in honor of (1) the arrival of our fourth foster dog and (2) our blog hitting the milestone of 50,000 hits.

We thought a good area to spiff up would be one focusing on our past dogs so that any of our newer readers can learn more about the other beauties who have shared our home. So, check out our new Past Fosters page*! There you will find fun little photos and brief descriptions of each of our past fosters. It gets even better! By clicking on whichever dog you’d like, you will be taken to that dog’s very own biography page where we’ve summarized our time together, including plenty of links to individual posts from their time in our home, in case you care to learn more.

*if you prefer an old-school link, use this: https://loveandaleash.wordpress.com/past-fosters/




7 responses

  1. Thank you for the new link! I started following you after Lollie (and fell in love with the Gonzo era), so I didn’t know much about her. After reading about her horrific past, I was so sad – even though I knew there was a very happy ending. How in the world can people do such a thing? I mean, just, wow.

    I’m so happy she had a happy foster and even happier she has a forever family now.

  2. I found your blog during the middle of the Gonzo time and then went back and read all of the Lollie posts too. I like the new feature!

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