Stevie Wonder, con artist.

**we are now on facebook! we heard from enough of our blog followers that it would be handy to keep track of our foster darlings on a dedicated facebook page. and, well, we are suckers for peer pressure, so we set one up! please visit us here!**

No, she’s not syphoning off donations from a fake non-profit she set up for summer youth employment programs, and she’s not embezzling money through our blog. Nor is she somebody other than who she says she is. She is very much her lovely, honest self, Miss Stevie Wonder.

But we learned the other day that she had tricked us. She had played the role of a frightened, shy, overwhelmed little animal who didn’t know much about trust, comfort, or affection. The other morning she gave her self away, though, when she sauntered casually over to me while I was dozing on the floor like the lazy person that I am, slid to a laying down position, and casually draped her face over mine, thus revealing her true colors as Stevie Wonder: Cuddler Supreme.

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  1. I think dogs like to sleep on top of people because it takes them back to when they were sleeping in a pile with their littermates. After all, isn’t the fact that dogs retain a lot of their puppy characteristics part of what makes them so lovable and easy to live with?

    Very sweet pix.

  2. a retriever and now, a cuddler?! it’s like stevie wonder knows what i wish lola would do and is teasing me! (i threw the ball for her yesterday and she wouldn’t get it bc it landed in some tallish wet grass. you know, her feet might get wet. and she gives me the whale eye when i cuddle with her.)

    if monday’s post is about stevie leading a blind and deaf dog around, i’m going to know something is up. ha.

  3. It took about two years to get Our Best Friend to cuddle like that! I can’t get over what a pretty little girl she is (and her cuddle-momma ain’t bad either!) πŸ™‚

  4. She is lovely! I can’t get over how much she looks like my little pit mix, Bailey. He was in foster care for two years before I adopted him!! He was found tied to a tree in a hail storm when he was just 12 weeks old. The rescue group took him in and put him with a wonderful foster family where he stayed until I found him. I am still amazed that he wasn’t adopted when he was a pup. He did not ‘show’ well; always sulking at the back of his crate, never wagging or looking interested. He must have been waiting for me : )

  5. awww…she is a trickster! Next thing you know she’s going to be requesting a “fully loaded” Kong toy and a black-on-black dog bed!

  6. Awwwwww…..this is amazing. She looks so relaxed and at peace. Hope she’s getting along nicely with her foster brother. And I’ve “liked” you on FB – I need to share with my friends!!

    • I sometimes have thought that if she and Shiva were standing side by side, they would look like cousins, at least. They seem to have the same build, similar coloring, same head shape… Stevie Wonder is amazing, but I don’t know if she is as brilliant as the Shivster!

  7. Aleksandra – I’m so glad that Anja (Stevie Wonder) is working out in your home. I couldn’t help but get weepy seeing Blue Suede’s pics and what you wrote about your journey together. So glad you took another one home so soon.

  8. those pics are keepers. Who took them? And how did you teach them to take such good photos? I wish the Mr. would pick up the camera more. Maybe I just need to find better ways to get good photos of me and the pups. It better not be this way with kids, i don’t always want to be the one behind the lens. Makes it look like they love him more, or that I am not a part of things. grrr. ANyway, wonderful photos. Glad she decided to show this side of her. As far as general background, things like size, age, etc. I should cross post to my blog more often, see if it ever helped you place any of them. not that I have the fans that you do.
    Anyway, great post… Luna would still cuddle your socks off, she takes the cake IMO. not that it’s a competition or anything ;-P

    Oh and that big bad woof is the store I was thinking of. I MUST get there soon, is it deep in the city? Or would it be easy to get to for someone who never drives in DC? Why the urgency? They sell frozen Wolfies, and it’s the one thing that kicked Luna’s coat up to spectacular….

    • ugh wordpress drives me bonkers.. I had written this reply this morning and it was throwing error messages at me so I gave up.. only to come back here tonight to post something again and it had it saved ready to post.. ugh… least the witty comment was saved and you get to see it, even if late πŸ˜‰

  9. That’s how a great con artist draws you in, they’re all good looks and snuggles, then next think you know, your checkbook is gone and your bank account is empty. Keep your eye on that one πŸ˜‰

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