Stevie’s summer vacation, part 1

Hey guys, it’s me! Stevie Wonder!

I just had the best weekend with my foster people!

Since they’re so nice and all and they feed me good food and take me for walks and let me chew on their nylabones and throw the ball for me as much as I want, I thought I should give them a real treat for the long weekend. So I took them on a weekend getaway to Smith Mountain Lake, near Blacksburg, VA! I knew they would love it because they like swimming and taking naps and drinking beer, and I know that lakes are good places to do all those things.

You may be wondering: what did we do out there at Smith Mountain Lake all weekend? Well, many of you smarty-pantses already guessed that I got myself all tuckered out by swimming. Which is true. I sure did swim and swim and swim.

But you know what else? I did lots of other stuff too.

I had many epic battles with sticks, in which I deathed them all:

I also did plenty of maxin’ and relaxin’ on the dock:

I got to go fishing– well, sort of. Friends, settle an argument for my mom and dad: does it count as fishing if I catch the fish in the water and bring it ashore, but the fish was already dead when I caught it? Cause I did that. And then I rolled in it!

I got to spend some quality time with the babes:

And the dudes:

I partied pretty hard one day on the boat:

And I even had some time to practice my breakdancing moves:

So you see? I had plenty of reasons to be tuckered out after my vacation, not just the swimming. But I bet you still want to hear about my swimming anyway, right? Don’t worry, I will make mom type to you about it later this week!

Wait, WHAT? You still haven’t “liked” us on facebook? Well how are you gonna get timely updates on how my spay went today, along with lots of extra cute photos and other fun stuff? Hop on over there, buddy!

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    • Hey Georgia Pea,

      Yeah, beer is the best. They let me drink a whole case of it. And do some kegstands, too. That’s why I needed a swimming jacket– swimming while hammered is not so safe, but if you wear a jacket, it’s a-okay.

      Just kidding. I will tell you about my jacket when I talk about my swimming!

      Love, Stevie-girl

    • Sure! We stayed in Cabin 2 here:

      We got a great deal because we booked kind of last minute. There seem to be lots of places right on the water, but since we are just two people, we wanted someplace small. And because of Stevie’s aversion to car rides, we wanted someplace with water access right on the property. There were a lot of properties we liked on VRBO (, but since we didn’t pull our act together until a week before the trip, they were all booked.

      It was beautiful– the lake is huge, very clean, and the water is the perfect temperature this time of year.

      • My uncle (and godfather) lived in a town just near Blacksburg- Dublin- for over 40 years- he built his home there and loved it there so much. His wife is still there and that part of the country will always have a special place in my heart. Nice choice!

    • Because of Stevie’s quarantine, both dogs couldn’t come. And because of Stevie’s quarantine, she couldn’t be boarded or stay with my parents and their dog. So, Sir Chick stayed with his grandparents and his uncle/BFF Tex the black lab. Luckily, his grandparents’ house is his favorite place in the whole entire world, and he probably had more fun there than he would have had with us at the lake!

  1. rolling in dead fish had to be the doggie highlight. i can’t imagine what a lovely aroma that must have been: wet pittie with a hint of expired fish. yum. glad you had such a great time!

  2. this looks like the most perfect dog-vacation! and the photo with the beer cans is priceless.

    can’t wait to hear more about the swimming! i’d love to get our dogs in the water- we’ve only brought them to the ocean/gulf and waves are scary! i would definitely strap them into life jackets.

  3. Yay, another post written by Stevie! Thanks for cracking me up- I especially love the pic of Stevie partying on the boat 🙂

  4. That looks like the dog vacation of a lifetime! I think ours might be a bit jealous that we don’t take them to do things like that. I think my fav part was the stick and the ‘fishing’ and the breakdancing…and of course passing out in the boat; that was a total Miss M move. What a great time!

  5. So cute! Izzy dabbled in the water for 4th of July as well, but looks like Stevie had way more fun! Izzy would have gone to town on that big stick!

    The life vest is pretty awesome too! I’m going to have to check out these rentals. We spent a week in Charleston, SC with Izzy this summer and will definitely be looking for a place to take her next year! I bit of a drive from NJ, but anything for the pooch!

    • That is a long drive from NJ. You should look into Deep Creek Lake, which is in Western Maryland, and quite a bit closer. I’m sure there are lakes in PA, NJ, and NY that I’m not even aware of, but if there are, then you would be able to rent houses on VRBO alongside them!

  6. If a dead fish got caught on your fishing pole, would you count it as fishing? I would! So I completely vote for it being fishing. My Maggie once caught a fish. A real live trout. But she was so shocked at herself that she dropped it back in the stream. I did NOT count that as fishing since the fish never reached the shore to end up in my belly.

  7. OMG OMG Lil Stevie Wonder u did have the best weekend!! Wow….she looks like she had so much fun and what a nice quiet retreat that Lake looks to be…I’d love for somewhere up here in CT to have that…closest we get is our lakespot in New Hampshire and we dont get to get up there ofter 😦 But so glad Lil Stevie loved swimming. My Beauty’s first day back in the pool was this weekend also, after recovering from ACL repair last year vet recommended its the best form of therapy for her and her muscle actually grew back to size and she loses weight from just ten mins a day!! Pits can love the water too! Loved seeing the pics..keep the great posts coming !! :~)

  8. In the most technical sense, what Stevie did is considered fishing. However, since the fish was already dead, it can by no means be considered recreational and/or sport fishing.

    • Ok Mr. Fishy-pants, it wasn’t recreational fishing from a human perspective. But from a dog’s perspective? Catching dead, floating fish in the water and carrying them ashore is certainly recreational . . . right?

      • I can’t imagine anything more enjoyable from a dog’s perspective than chasing floating fish

  9. Break-dancing! That was going to be my second guess.

    I am glad you had such a wonderful holiday weekend! It does look like a fantastic place to visit. You have excellent taste!

  10. I’m going to have to say ‘fishing’. When I consulted my expert. After a heated debate, and putting it in the context of chipmunk capture. Quizz agrees, Stevie was fishing. Fish was in the water, Stevie fished said fish from the water, then gloried in the capture of the fish. Life, death, smeath. Quizz says ‘eau d’fish’ WAS the prize for her mad fishing skills. Next time she’ll get a live one and practice ‘dance, dance revolution’ with you.

  11. How cute is she in her life jacket! Great pictures, you guys look like you had a blast! How much longer does she have for quarantine? Any potential adopters knocking down your door yet?

    • amazingly, no. but there are some challenges with getting her “out there” so it will probably take a little time. it’s ok though, we enjoy having her! quarantine is just a few more days, but she will be recovering from her spay for a little while also, so no play time in the immediate future!

  12. Rolling in dead fish is not fishing or not not fishing, it is simply DISGUSTING. If Our Best Friend tried it, he wouldn’t come home in the same car.

    But we’re glad she had a good time!

  13. Well fishing is defined as the activity of catching fish. I’ve gotta come down on the side of not fishing if the fish was already dead. I don’t think you can catch a dead thing. Good scavenging though Stevie 🙂 I’m sure you smelt awesome after you rolled on it 🙂
    It looks like you had a super awesome time on your long weekend. It was very nice nice thing to do for your foster parents 🙂

  14. That photo of Stevie passed out with the beer cans cracked me up. Looks like she partied it up AMMMMURICAN style for the 4th!! 🙂

  15. Stevie Wonder – you sure do write well!! Love your new vest. And yes, it’s fishing – so rolling in it must be fun, huh? I’ll have to try that next time I get a fresh one on the hook! Tell your foster mama that the pic of you asleep on the boat, with empty beer cans, made me laugh out loud….great way to start my morning. Love your FB postings, too – I’m a fan!!

  16. What a great trip. And it looks like Stevie even liked boating.

    Honey likes “fishing” too. But she thinks of it mostly as playing dress up. The retrieving is not the important part. That would be the rolling in the scent. Ahhhhhhhh!

  17. Isn’t swimming SO much fun! I’m so glad you got to do it! Your foster parents sure do know how to have a good time! Hopefully you’ll get to go again! I’m hoping to get to the lake this weekend!

  18. Swimming dogs is the best! Thanks for posting the links about where you stayed. I love Blacksburg, I’ll have to tell T about this place.

  19. Oh Stevie is really living the life! Babes AND dudes AND beer! What could be better? When we took Levi to the lake last summer, he wanted no part of the water. I’ll have to show him these pictures of Stevie.

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