stir crazy. and possibly a genius.

Well friends, it’s confirmed. Stevie Wonder has officially gone off the deep end.

Since her spay a week ago we have been working hard to keep her calm. Working. HARD. Β Sure, we take her for little walks and give her dog puzzles to solve, but the girl’s attention span is only so long. She is generally a pretty active dog, so she has developed a serious case of restless leg syndrome (foster dad refers to it as “the jimmy legs”). She can regularly be found flopped over onto her back, kicking all four of her legs up into the air like a baby deer, head flailing side to side like a catfish. Initially, we were charmed by it. Who wouldn’t be charmed by it? It’s darn cute. The trouble is — and we figured this out quickly — it’s probably not good for the healing process, since it looks like it puts considerable pressure on her abs. So reluctantly, we’ve had to ask her to stop doing it.

So what has Girl Genius done? Found other ways to entertain herself, of course. We offer you this proof.

In case it’s not clear to you (and it is not clear at all so don’t feel bad), here is a rundown of what Stevie did. First, she pulled the plastic under-bed storage container out from under the bed in her room. She stuck it in that corner there. Next, she grabbed the woven alpaca rug that foster dad’s sister brought him from Peru years ago, and moved it over to the corner too. Then, she pulled the rug on top of the plastic container, like a tablecloth. Or a bedsheet. Then, she triumphantly climbed atop her throne and had herself a little sit.

Needless to say, we are impressed. A little nervous that she is plotting to take over the world, but impressed just the same. And we’ve been feeding her extra tasty treats for good measure — after all, if she does take control, we want to be on her good side.

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  1. that’s too cute.. and I admit, clever too. Have you taught her hide and seek? Save a special toy for just that and she probably will end up loving it. If you need a run down on how to begin teaching it let me know, but it’s a great mental game that combines a touch of physical too, that can be played indoors.
    Good luck, not much longer

  2. Brilliant! simply brilliant! for those who say pitties aren’t all that smart, along comes Stevie Wonder to show them the error of their ways. You go Stevie!

  3. Don’t you just love it when they take something ‘ordinary’ and rearrange it to meet their needs. Tippi has taken to the bed ruffle I threw on the floor; now I have to decide if it’s going to Goodwill or just going to be one of her ‘dog beds’.

    BTW: Whenever I worried about my dog hurting herself post surgery or when the windchill was ridic, he would always tell me not to worry ’cause she would stop if she was hurting. It worked well. She got moving sooner rather than later and we were on a farm at the time.

  4. Stevie is so smart. She seems capable of entertaining herself with whatever is handy. Doesn’t appear that she destroyed anything in the process – she’s a good girl!!

  5. You can add interior decorating and furniture making to her immense list of talents. Watch out when she is free to roam the house, your living room is next.

    You’ll need to worry if she makes a move for the kitchen. I’m just saying.

  6. That reminds me of the old Pinky & the Brain cartoons…”what are we going to do today, Brain?” “Well, Pinky – what we do every day – try to take over the world.” Stevie is totally a Brain!

  7. Izzy likes to re-arrange all the pillows on the couch when we’re gone. But I would think that’s a disadvantage to her. Who wants to lay on a couch with no pillows??

    So nice that Stevie has her own room. Our foster is hanging out in the “man cave” but in a crate. Since he’s not in iso, he’s allowed to roam free when we’re home. I would imagine Izzy would dig her way under that door if she couldn’t get to her little buddy!

  8. I’ve always found it best to keep on the good side of evil geniuses who have the potential to take over the world. Why risk it? πŸ˜‰ Stevie is definitely putting her energy to good use; when Abby got spayed the vet suggested that we mildly sedate her for a week, so she’d only run around a little bit…. 😎

    -Dr. Liz

  9. And this is one reason I have hounds. Most of their brains are in their noses leaving them less capacity to plan for world domination; they just want that dang rabbit! Great photo and what a charming girl Stevie is becoming, especially as a creative genius!

  10. Ah, I have a Pinky, and a Brain
    “What are we going to do tonight, Anouk?”
    “The same thing we do every night, Ziggy; try to take over the world”
    Stevie can have the Northern Hemisphere, Anouk will have the Southern Hemisphere πŸ˜‰
    I have recently had success with kibble inside juice bottles. More challenging than the kong. You can see Anouk demonstrating her skill here:

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