Your chance to adopt Stevie Wonder!

Confession time. We have been enjoying our time with Stevie Wonder so much that we have been forgetting to talk and write about her as an adoptable foster dog — we’ve almost been pretending she’s our own dog.

But she’s not ours. In fact, she could be yours! We’ve been doing our best to guiltily keep her a secret from the dog-seeking world, but in reality, we’re surprised that there haven’t been any applications for her yet. She is so very adoptable.

Stevie is not only an amazing swimmer, a great writer, and an ace at playing fetch, but the girl also loves to breakdance!

Seriously, she could not be any sweeter. She is super engaging, knows exactly how to get you to pay attention to her adorable antics, and is always up for a game of chase or a playful wrestle on the couch. She is an absolute delight in the house — great manners, knows the rules, and just wants to curl up at your feet with a good book.

And she’s not bad to look at, either. That gorgeous, shiny brindle coat is perfect for blending in with your landscaping and not leaving visible fur on your dark pants, and those doe eyes . . . well, they can make your heart melt.

She is great with children and adults alike, and also loves other dogs. As a bonus, she has a great squirrel radar and will be sure to keep you safe from those evil intruders, and is very brave in deathing sticks outdoors. If you’ve got a stick problem, Stevie is the girl to take care of it.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve been wanting to adopt a perfect dog, right? Or you have a friend who has? Here’s your opportunity. It won’t last long.

For more info on adopting Stevie Wonder, click here or contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.

14 responses

  1. Most of my friends either don’t want dogs (I run with an older crowd) or already have too many dogs.. But I will continue to share the links for her. Hopefully she will get adopted soon, maybe she should hit the town? Do you all have a vest that says “Adopt me” on it or ever thought of getting one for while you all are out?
    Stay cool!

  2. Stevie is exactly the dog I was thinking of getting for a mate for Frankie:) I can’t believe you haven’t got a waiting list for her! I’m sure the perfect home will appear for her soon, she’s too lovely to not be snapped up quickly.

  3. Poor Stevie has taken some time getting her gorgeous face out there – first the cough, then the spay. I know once you get her out and about, someone will snap her up in NO TIME!

  4. Do I detect some ambivalence? : )
    Aargh, I can totally relate. I am certain you are way better at letting go than I have been. Fozzie’s actually had a fair number of applications over the…long…period of time I’ve had him, but all of them had cats or horses or lived in apartments with breed restrictions!
    Stevie seems eminently adoptable though–I am certain you’ll have some fantastic applications soon!
    I think we do need to be a bit choosy about our adopters with pitties…although the drawback is that the longer they stick around, the more attached we get! Although, as you have articulated, keeping the door open so we can save more lives is really important. May you encounter the most awesome adopter ever!

  5. What breed is she? I have a dog that looks just like her and i have no clue as to what breed that she is either.

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