How to stay cool in the dog days of summer

Hi guys, it’s me! Stevie Wonder!

Guys, it’s been so hot here. SO HOT. Foster mom and dad have just about quit going outside except if they’re holding a cold beer in a shark koozie or watering the plants or something.

Me and Chick still like to go out though, even when the heat index was like 115 over the weekend. I used to think it was too hot too, but then my smart foster brother Chick let me in on a little secret: if you find a nice shady spot on the deck and lay real still except for the huffing and puffing and put your face sideways-like against the boards and make the funniest faces you can, it makes it not feel so hot anymore.

Want proof? Look at how happy and silly we got on the dog days of this weekend!

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  1. Ah! The sun acolytes. Quizz loves to go out and find a sunny patch to soak in his rays. I doesn’t matter how hot it is. I time him carefully. It’s like he finally figured out the sun will be broken in a few months and he needs to soak in as much sun as possible. Who said dogs couldn’t remember anything?

    Chick and Stevie look so pleased with themselves.

    • Chick does that too, but he has become a northerner since we’ve moved away from Texas. When we lived in Austin he would lay in the sun on a 110 degree day and love it. Now if it’s over about 95, he prefers the shade. Smart man.

  2. love that last one. Isn’t this weather ridic?? If the humidity would just go away it wouldn’t be nearly as awful. I took the dogs out for a bit twice this weekend but Luna was already doing her crazy antsy dance again last night. Now that the work week is back, no idea what I will do.

  3. i took almost identical pictures of my aunt’s dog this weekend- her tongue looked like it was stuck to the hardwood floor. i’m glad they figured out a way to stay cool! i’m so ready for the heat to break.

  4. I think it’s so funny that you have to put Stevie on a tie to give Chick a break 🙂 What a sweet girl. Someone needs to adopt her! 🙂

  5. So cute! Miss Ginger loves to lay outside in the sun and pretend she’s a mountain lion on the African savannah. As long as they can find some kind of enjoyment from this weather because I sure can’t.

    • Well, we know that Chick is a Mexican due to his accent and the fact that we got him in Texas after he had been found roaming wild with a band of desert coyotes (not really). Maybe Stevie-girl is also from a hot climate?

  6. Maybe its time for another swim! They look like they are getting a good workout somehow. Are their tongues fabulously spatulate when they hang out?

    Hey I need to check out those doggie life vests–Fozzie almost sank this weekend, as he just kept swimming long after he was exhausted 🙂

  7. I’d love to swap some winter weather for your summer, but I guess it’ll get hot here eventually. Although I know it won’t get as hot as at your place. You guys look like you’ve found a way to get outside and not be overheated. And now that you’ve got a pool I think you’ve got it made:)

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