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  1. Cute series, she seems to really enjoy them. Wish we had a porch all our own. Couldn’t do this unless the boss was gone so his dogs would be put away while we attempted it. Either that or I would need to make 8 of them so everyone can have one, now wouldn’t THAT be a mess. This morning is actually quite lovely, too bad I will be inside cleaning kennels. At least the dogs can enjoy it this morning.
    Hope you’re having a great week, kudos on blogging up a storm lately. I have been doing the opposite

  2. That is pretty darn ridiculous….soooo cute and relaxed!

    Hey I sent you a potential adopter who has a 10-lb chihuahua/JRT mix…I thought Fozzie’s play style would be too rough for such a little dog. Let me know if you hear from her!

  3. Stevie is so long and lean! We love ice cubes and dog popsicles here. I’ve made a huge polar bear style one before for entertaining Izzy in the yard while we try and get some stuff done out there. She tries to eat any and all sticks, grass, leaves, plants, trees, dirt, etc.

    • It can be a lot of things, but this one was a handful of kibble, some peanut butter smeared around the edges, a few dog treats, and then filled with water and frozen in an empty can. I hear unsalted chicken broth makes good popsicles too, and some people make mega-large ones in buckets or large yogurt containers and hide surprises inside like toys or stuffed kongs. Give it a try!

    • This one was the size of a can of beans, and it took her probably about 20 minutes. The bigger ones (quart yogurt containers) take much longer — an hour or more. Even more fun if you freeze a length of chain inside with the end sticking out and hang it from your fence, deck, whatever. They love it!

  4. what a great idea! our pitties like regular ice cubes, but I never thought of doing this! love the one where her lip is up on it while she tries to get that perfect angle that will crack it open!!!

  5. Haha, love that 7th photo in particular! This is a great idea… now I want to try making larger popsicles for our dogs. I’ve made small ones with chicken broth before, but never with treats hidden inside!

    • Thanks Mary! I like 7 also, though 8 is my favorite. You should try one in a quart yogurt container and suspend a length of chain in it. It’s so fun watching them lick and gnaw on it while it’s bobbling around from the chain 🙂

  6. I really need to make one of these for my dog, and make sure she has enough time to eat it outside. It sure does make a mess, doesn’t it? But so much fun!

    In so many photos, Stevie reminds me of Shiva. That top one especially. When she lies like that it always makes me wince. These dogs are just too flexible!

    • Sometimes I really think that Stevie and Shiva are long-lost sisters. I have mentioned that to you before, haven’t I? There is something so similar about them, and I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is!

  7. Fantastic idea! Holy smokes, Jack would lose his mind. His favorite treats are ice cubes (when he hears the freezer door open, he’ll run from the back of the house to the front kitchen in .02 seconds), so I can only imagine how he’d handle this!

  8. Oh Stevie is so cute I can barely stand it. I’m going to have to try this for my pooch!! Doggie popcicles!! What a great idea!!

  9. We like to mix yogurt with peanut butter and a bit o’honey to make our pupsicles. But if Stevie blows through a block of ice in 20 minutes, she’d finish the frozen yogurt before you even focused your camera. 🙂

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