a family affair

It turns out that at Casa Fosterfamily, Sir Chick is the only one who can resist Stevie Wonder’s charms. All week she’s been begging us to go swimming with her in her swimming pool, and in only took a few tries before we finally caved. She makes it look so inviting!

At first it was just a finger dipped into the water. Then maybe a shy toe, followed by a tentative foot. But before we knew it, we were coming home from work and diving right into the pool, still wearing our biking clothes.

Have your dogs ever peer-pressured you into doing things that you would not have ordinarily done?

For more info on adopting Stevie Wonder, click here or contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.

25 responses

  1. Awwww, hope she finds a forever home soon, as the longer she stays the harder the goodbye will be. We have a kiddie pool here too, and I just noticed yesterday that it looks like a pond! Let me know when you find a good way to prevent algae but also not use up an ocean’s worth of water. We usually just filly it a couple inches so that we can dump it easily and move it to another spot in the grass.

    • Hey, our water gets dirty, no question. We leave it for a few days, and then use it to water our plants (we pull the water out with a bucket and water everything by hand, and then when the pool is empty enough to drag across the yard, we dump the rest onto the spot where we have three ailing blueberry plants and a few other water-lovers). We moved the pool up onto the deck the other night, and it has stayed much cleaner. Stevie still hops in and out and in and out (her new fun game is dropping a kong in, then getting in and snorkeling for it, then tossing it out of the pool, chasing after it, then back in the pool, etc), but since the deck is deck and not mulch, it stays much cleaner.

  2. It’s been so hot here that I would have succumbed to the pressure to get in the pool too 🙂 The dogs have dog peer pressured T into sticking his head out of the car window before. He only did it for a second, but he said it was as great as the dogs make it look, haha.

  3. Looks like foster dad was enjoying the pool as much as Stevie did (if not more). This heat is brutal on humans and animals. Going to be 102 in SC today. Ugh! Norman (the Corgi) says he’s going to stay in the a/c today…he’s a smart boy.

  4. Haha, I love it! The things a cute face and a tongue wag can make us humans do. And yes, Rufus gets us to do all kinds of things. In the warmer months, we make time for an extra late-night walk almost every night. It will be close to bedtime, and he will just stare at us, and then glance at the door…he does this over and over again until we get the picture.

  5. My mother once went to walk my previous dog and called me furiously saying “Precious made me get her a hamburger at McDonalds!”.
    Check out Adam Gopnik’s piece on human and canine interaction in the NYer.

  6. That Stevie is such a charmer! Maybe her perfect home would need to include a guy? And we’re loving your pool time. We have a tiny, tiny postage side “yard” behind our building and I’m wondering if we could have a little pool there. And at least Stevie is charming; Miss M just uses trickery and deception.

  7. It looks like Stevie is really warming up to fosterdad! I don’t blame you for succumbing to the charms of Stevie Wonder. I’d love to go in a pool, even a kiddie pool. There is a community pool near my office and while I’m on my lunch hour I watch the kids play and splash around. It looks so inviting.

  8. Aw, who could resist Miss Stevie Wonder? Pooltime sounds just about perfect!

    I’ve fallen prey to the wiles of foster dogs, too. I foster a LOT of Beagles (through a regular rescue group that takes any dog needing to get out of the shelters we support — the Beagles just seem to find me), and will often “sing along” with them if they are serenading a siren (police, fire, etc).

  9. Only all the time! Shiva has me climbing over trees, walking into swampy river beds, and splashing in puddles like a five year old. She has greatly expanded my horizons!

    I love how happy everyone looks in these pictures. 🙂

  10. My dog has peer pressured me into running, sort of. And jumping things. She’s never tried to get me in the pool but I’m sure that would work too!

  11. That’s the pool we wanted to get, but couldn’t figure out how to get it in the car. We got the 48″ diameter instead. Good for dogs, not for people.

  12. I am falling more in love with Stevie with each and every post. We’d certainly open up our doors for her. We’re in GA. With her dislike of travel, I’m guessing we may not be the best candidate. Still, if she needs a home, I am certain our two pooches – Wilbur and Cherokee – would welcome her. Our boys, too.

    • You are so kind. I wish we could ship her off to you, but the shelter we are working with on her has a strict two-hour driving limit. As you can imagine, resources are scarce and they require home visits for all dogs. She would love Wilbur and Cherokee though!

  13. Are you kidding? My dogs peer-pressure me ALL of the time!! The other day I stopped to chat with a neighbor during a walk. Gizmo sat down, like a good boy, and then just kept LOOKING imploringly at me and smiling. GEEZ LOUISE!! Even my neighbor commented on his exertion of pressure 🙂

  14. Stevie is so darn cute! I just watched the Stevie Swims video. It’s great how much she loves water. Tommy is not a fan. I once took him to a Malibu beach on a crowded day. When I tried to pull him toward the surf, he dug in his heels and wouldn’t budge. I nearly pulled his collar off, much to the amusement of the people on the beach.

  15. How could anyone resist that smile:) Stevie is such a cutie. I got a pool for Frankie last Summer as he loves fetching sticks in the river and I thought he’d enjoy being able to cool off in a kiddie pool. Nope, it’s just used as a big water bowl, no matter how dirty the water gets!

    Probably my guys only pressure me into take them for a walk. It’s done in a very nice way though:)

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