Two American Loves: pet adoption and farm equipment!

This weekend two great American loves —  pet adoption and farm equipment — came together in one symphony that played at hundreds of locations in 44 states.

That’s right, it was the Tractor Supply Company’s first annual pet adoption event!!

One downside of living in a major metropolitan area like DC is that the closest farm supply store is actually not very close by, so we had to drive for more than an hour to get there. But that was no deterrent — when our friend and fellow pittie rescue mom invited us, we knew we couldn’t pass it up, especially knowing that Stevie Wonder and our friend’s beautiful foster, Kayla, have the exact same adoption vest!

Stevie had tons of fun at the event. She got to make friends with a whole crew of adoptable cocker spaniels from a breed-specific rescue, as well as a little boy who shared her affinity for tractor-driving:

She also got to spend plenty of time loving on strangers who came to tell her hello and how much they like her vest and how sad they are that they can’t adopt her:

But what she enjoyed most of all was hanging out with her fellow fostered MCHS pit bulls Midas, Angel, and Kayla:

Unfortunately there were more adoptable dogs than potential adopters, but Stevie didn’t mind one bit. She loved the tractors, loved the attention, and especially loved getting to hang out with the brown pit bull crew from MCHS!

For more info on adopting Stevie Wonder, click here or contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.

23 responses

  1. What a great idea! Looks like the turnout was good. Did anyone show interest in adopting Stevie? I just lost my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Norman, yesterday to an aggressive mass under his skull. I’m devastated….maybe when my heart stops hurting I can consider a pittie!

  2. Stevie is so comfortable posing inform of a camera-maybe she can teach me to relax when I get my picture taken (yep, still a camera phobe!) I hope more info get’s out so Stevie can find he forever home soon!

  3. Holy moly, those are some precious brown pitties! What gorgeous faces. I hope they all find homes soon!

    Two more applicants for Fozzie–but one had a cat, and one backed off once I started talking about exercise needs!

    • where are you getting them, mostly? are they coming from one particular rescue or other source?

      i have just started working with Lucky to get Stevie-girl cross-posted with them, since it’s so hard to get attention through MCHS!

      • I didn’t realize you were fostering her through MCHS! I think most of my applicants are coming from Lucky Dog–they seem to get a lot of traffic. Once I cross-posted with them, I definitely started getting more interest.

  4. What a gorgeous group of dogs. Stevie looks like she did have a great time soaking up all that attention. I think it’s good too that these types of events get the ‘seed planted’ for future adopters to realize the types of dogs out there and what specific rescues are like for when they are ready to adopt.

  5. My friend emailed me your blog. I was not a big blog person until I read yours, and fell in love. After adopting a pit bull mix and learning about the realities of pit bulls, I decided to volunteer with a local pit bull rescue group. Since then, I have become very passionate about the breed and getting the word out about how wonderful they truly are. Your blog inspired me to write my own about my two pit bull mixes (recent foster fail!) .I guess I should say thank you!

    • Wow, what a delightful comment, Leslie. I am thrilled to hear of your experiences and the work you’re continuing to do. I’m going to check out your blog this afternoon — thank you for doing this magical work and sharing it with the world! Aleksandra

  6. Gorgeous group! As long as Stevie girl keeps throwing her award winning smile and personality at potential adopters, it won’t be long before she is scooped up!

  7. I am a TSC fan since I had horses. Wasn’t able to participate in our local event on Saturday as I was “on call” but hope they make this annual. Your pics are great; everyone looks relaxed and happy. Could Stevie’s smile get any bigger?

    BTW, a long time resident here at Silverwalk just went to a foster home. I have a page on my blog about her and reference Love and a Six Foot Leash as THE blog on fostering. Farrah’s page is
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • thank you so much, i am so flattered to be included. i try to do what i can to help people find their way through fostering and adoption. it’s so important, but it can be tough if you feel all alone!

      best, aleksandra

  8. Look at all those wonderful pittie smiles:) How can anyone resist them? Stevie’s tongue hasn’t got any smaller, has it, lol! It’s great that you could get the dogs out and expose people to them. So many people have preconceived ideas about breeds like pitties and Greyhounds. We need to make people aware that not everything they have heard about them is true. Although pitties do get a way worse rap than Greyhounds in the bad publicity department. Someone has got to fall in love with Stevie soon!

  9. Those sweet, sweet babies! I always want them all. And that poor pitty’s ears?? Who does that to a dog! I would adopt her just to make things up to her. In a perfect world all pitties would be loved as much as I love our Wilbur. They are such a precious breed and I sincerely hope that the day soon arrives when everyone finally gets it!!!

  10. Midas makes my heart melt. What a beautiful face he has! I love the brown pittie crew and I hope they all find wonderful homes where they are cherished for the beautiful creatures they are!

  11. Aleksandra,
    I do foster care in upstate NY and wondered where you purchased the Adopt Me vest that is on Stevie in the Tractor Supply photos…. I bought an adoption vest from a therapy dog supply place, but it’s less than impressive and I like the look of the one in your photos. Could you tell me where you bought it? I can order it on-line, probably?
    Thanks… Teresa

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