formula for a sleepy Stevie

First, take a surprise offer from a neighbor/friend to take Stevie running while you’re at work. For best results, use a neighbor/friend who is a longtime pit bull lover and rescuer.

Add two ultra-awesome boys who love dogs and especially pitties.

Toss with plenty of sunshine and a lush green creek-side trail. Mix for about 40 minutes.

Once the Stevie is nice and panty, add a Chick. Sprinkle with generous petting.

Dip the Stevie and Chick in the baby pool.

Put in crate to set for 5 hours.

In the evening, enjoy your sleepy Stevie!

Thanks for giving our kiddos such a nice surprise yesterday, Amanda and boys!

18 responses

  1. I have always wished we lived near someone who would want to run with my dog since I don’t. Luna would do great and it sure would make my job easier. There have been many times where I have thought about taking it up so she can run with me as it’s easier than loading up the bike or skates… but then I remember why I don’t run and it’s back to slow exercise. Sounds like everyone had a blast.

  2. What nice neighbors!!! I’ve tried taking Turk running but I’m just not fast enough for him! At least you have something else to add to your list of pros for a potential adopter – “Do you run? Stevie LOOOOOVES that – oh, and it will make her completely pooped so when you’re watching America’s Got Talent, she’ll just curl up on the floor and dream of squirrels. No more attention necessary for the rest of the evening!”

  3. Guide Dogs for the Blind always says, “It takes a community to raise a puppy.” And it take a community to rescue a puppy, too! I love that your neighbors pitched in and helped with Stevie. That’s what community is all about. What a feel-good story!

  4. What a great friend! Talk about a positive experience for Stevie to go out and have a blast with people who aren’t her foster parents. I feel like that is a very “adoptable” quality, as dogs who are shy or nervous being with new people can be overlooked because the human doesn’t feel a connection. I once had a family tell me that my foster dog (who got anxious when I left the room) was clearly telling them that she wanted to live with me and not them, and that wouldn’t change if they brought her home. Obviously not true, but it did keep her from being adopted. I’m guessing Stevie is happy to make a connection to anyone with a treat and a hand to pat her with. What a good girl!

  5. Nice neighbors!! Maybe they’ll do it occasionally – looks like Stevie loved it!! She is exhausted!! LOL Bet she was super-excited that her foster bro joined her for a swim.

    • in our case, one finds them in the neighborhood, initially meeting them after posting a foster’s adoption info to our neighborhood listserve and getting a warm and sweet response back from these friends about their support and love for pit bull rescue, which they did for years 🙂

  6. The cool thing is what Stevie gave back to me. When running with her today. When I arrived for the second day she greeted me with such zest and expectation for fun together that I saw the true meaning of acceptance. I struggle with the grace of acceptance. I often, when offered support, say I don’t need it, or try to save it up for a rainy day. Shoot, why shouldn’t we accept it with love, gratitude and zest, just like Stevie, even when it’s a sunny day?

    On a side note I am now inspired to try to connect runners/walkers without dogs to those who have them. It would benefit both in so many ways!

  7. That wall has to be just about the WORST pillow ever – and yet, she looks awfully comfortable cuddled up to it. Say, how do you keep from leaning dog and kissing that sweet wrinkly spot between her eyes like all the time? Everytime Isee her eyes scrunched up like that, I want to give her a smooch.

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