Our lucky stars

Sometimes you just have to wonder — is there some magic going on, or are we just incredibly lucky? Let me explain.

I met Lady Zabora at MCHS about a month ago, when I went by to photograph all of the adoptable pit bulls. Although I met and spent time with more than 30 dogs that day, something about this girl stuck with me. I couldn’t get her out of my head.

I sent her photo to a few fellow pittie advocates / foster friends, expecting the usual “poor girl, what a sweet face” type emails. This is where the lucky stars began to appear:

1. Our friend A at Two Pitties in the City sent us an email that really made us realize that we didn’t have to stop at “poor girl, sweet face” thinking. We might be able to actually do something for this girl:

Something about the elderbull you posted today was really touching . . . would we be able to ‘sponsor’ her? Not sure how much that would cost, but I think it would also be a cool way to raise momentum and continue the positive awareness. Just a random pushy thought as I’m out to dinner.

2. After this initial inspiration and a few more conversations with A, we were lucky to have the help of Bobbi, our tireless rescue coordinator at MCHS, who worked overtime to make sure Zabora was safe at the shelter while we were trying to coordinate a rescue strategy, and helped us arrange a low-cost spay by a kind vet who offered a very affordable price even though we had not yet secured an official rescue for Lady Z.

3. Once we had emotionally committed and launched our fundraiser hoping to raise the funds to support what we had started, we were starstruck by our incredibly generous and supportive community of dog-lovers, blog readers, and facebook fans, who pooled together to create a rescue fund that we can hardly even wrap our brains around. We had hoped for enough to cover Z’s spay, ear and eye meds, routine shots, and a modest amount to offer her future adopters toward vet care. Even with her recent complications sending her to the vet hospital for five extra days, another procedure, and some intensive monitoring, we can cover all of her costs and should still have some funds left over for future needs. Lady Z is still in the vet’s care and recovering, but she has never been more surrounded by lucky stars.

photo courtesy of temp foster mom Juliana

4. While all this was going on, Lady Z was being quietly cared for in the background by Juliana, her temporary foster mom. Juliana also works tirelessly at MCHS and has been one of our insider sources on the status of our various favorite shelter dogs. She was the first to tell us about Lady Z’s stellar evaluation and the one who volunteered to care for Z during her convalescent period. And it didn’t take long for her to become wrapped around Lady Z’s little paw:

It’s a weird feeling when you miss an animal you’ve only had for a short time and that you know isn’t even yours. It also reveals how special that animal is, and how lucky you are to have her in your life at all.

photo courtesy temp foster Juliana

In those first few days, Juliana woke up at night to take Z outside in case she needed to go out. She snuggled and played with her, dressed her in cute “adopt me” bandanas, and sent us lots of photos to keep us updated. When Lady Z suffered a very scary ruptured blood clot that sent her back to the hospital, not only did Juliana drop everything to drive her there, but she went back and visited over the weekend so little Z didn’t have to be alone at the hospital. She did this all with no public recognition. No claim to fame. What a star.

So in this quiet period before Lady Z comes home to finish her recovery, we are thanking our lucky stars. We could never have dreamed that there would be so much support and enthusiasm out there for saving one poor little elderbull, and we are truly humbled to be among such kind and giving spirits.

Have Lady Zabora, Foster Dad, Chick, and I just stumbled upon a field of lucky stars, or is there something else going on here?

And speaking of luck, please remember to email us your selections for the raffle if you have donated toward Lady Zabora’s rescue and medical care. You can look at the raffle prizes here, email us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com, and donate here if you have not yet but would like to. Deadline is Monday, September 5th.

27 responses

  1. so happy to hear there is enough money for her care- i know how expensive overnight stays and e-vets can be and i was a little worried! is there a more permanent foster home lined up? you’re probably just focusing on getting her better for now. i hope the stars continue to align for her!

    and YAY juliana!!

  2. Sylvia, Elisa and Erin have pretty much summarized my thoughts for me – thank you ladies!! Lady Z is definitely a very, very lucky lady. Prayers for her continued recovery!!

  3. You guys really show what happens when somebody has a great thought and acts on that thought! Cheers to our dog loving friends!

  4. It’s amazing what a community of people can do when they have a common goal. As soon as I read about Lady Z, I knew that Flash and Ollie would want to join in. We all fell in love with her and she deserves so much more than what her past has been.

  5. I can’t decide who is more lucky in this situation: Zabora, for catching YOUR eye of all people, or you & I for getting to know such a wonderful, loving dog. Thanks so much for the incredibely kind words, Alex… but we all know the real hero here is you 🙂

  6. So happy to hear that Lady Z is on the road to recovery and happier still that her trust fund is able to cover the emergency treatment she needed. What a special lady indeed! Reggie and I are sending her good vibes.

  7. I started a company a few years ago with the goal of linking up NYC young professionals with service and volunteer opportunities. I was amazed at the outpour of support (in manpower and monetarily). Each day the three of us wake up with one mantra in mind:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    Believe it or not, each person, pitbull, and organization you save makes a big difference in the world. Thanks for always leading by example guys!

    Lucky stars, without a doubt. An amazing group of people, absolutely.

    • What a lovely, uplifting comment. Thank you, Alexa. I would love it if you would write about your mantra — and how you live it — on your blog. I think a lot of people would really enjoy reading about it.

  8. I’m so glad to hear all the good news about Lady Z…an antidote to the rescue listserves that tell of so many pitties needing help. This one will maybe inspire others to foster a pit and help change the public perception of these amazing creatures. It has inspired me…I was on the Jasmine’s House website today….

  9. Things DID line up wonderfully! Any news on a longer-term foster (or permanent) home for Miss Z? I realize that the complications of the spay were probably expensive, but if there happens to be more money than needed, perhaps we could help TWO dogs?

  10. Perfect post – I love those lucky stars out there! She sounds like quite the amazing lady – thank God for people like you and other dog and pittie lovers out there – we make up quite the amazing community and I personally couldn’t be more grateful for my “friends” out there in blogland that are ever so helpful and generous. It is simply amazing.

  11. I still wish I could have helped more myself, but I’m so happy it’s working out for Lady Z. I don’t know that I believe in karma, but I do think you reap what you sow – and girl, you’ve sowed enough to reap a whole lotta good stuff 🙂

  12. We’re all so lucky, aren’t we? Lady Z is lucky you happened to be there that day, you are lucky to have been able to help her, and we are lucky to get to know this special dog in even a small way through your blog. We’re also lucky you have provided us with the chance to help her.

  13. Lady Z reminds me of a song from one of my favourite movies – Singin’ in the Rain

    You are my lucky star
    I saw you from afar
    Two lovely eyes at me
    They where gleaming
    I was starstruck

    You’re all my lucky charm
    I’m lucky in your arms
    You’ve opened Heaven’s portal
    Here on earth for this poor mortal
    You are my lucky star…

  14. It is amazing how things have worked out so well. When you did send me that first photo, there really was something about her that made me keep thinking about her all night. I thought I was being kind of pushy, but it is amazing to see how everything has turned out, and how she already is such an inspiration to everyone!

  15. Really enjoyed reading this, I believe we make “luck” and opportunities and it looks like you did that in this case. I have 4 dogs and although they can be hard work sometimes I adore them and always miss them whenever I am away from them.

  16. I’m already in love with Lady Z and I can see that everyone else is, too! What a beautiful and sweet dog. I have such a soft spot for pitties and senior dogs. I wish her the best. Thank you for all that you do.

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