Who likes car rides?

Who likes car rides? I do! I do!

I don’t know why everybuddy doesn’t love car rides. For me they mean fun trips to my friends’ houses, visits to the vet (which means more people to charm and kiss), visits to the dog-friendly shops in town (which ALSO means more people to charm and kiss!), and rides out to the country to smell the fresh mountain air.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll tell you all about my big weekend car riding trip!

XOXO, Little Zee

PS- Oh, why thank you for asking! I am feeling much better after my spay and all the icky complications afterward. Mama says she’s never seen a spay scar disappear so fast, and I’m feeling back to my hip-hoppity bunny rabbit self (umm . . . bunny rabbits like to take many many naps, right?)

For more info on adopting Lady Zabora, click here or contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.

18 responses

  1. She is soooo beautiful! My Titan loves to ride, well he loves to walk on his leash too but when we walk by the Jeeps, he goes right to the back like “Come on mommy! Let’s ride!” hehe

  2. There are 2 kinds of dogs: those who hang uneasily in the back of the car and those who embrace car rides with all four paws and usually a cool nose hanging out the window.

    When I was fostering frequently, every single new foster would go through a phase of vomiting in the car. Glad sweet Lady Z isn’t one of those!

  3. Thank God our Wilbur loves car rides as we’ve had him up and down the eastern coast too many times! As soon as we hit the interstate he goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up until we stop, and this can be for hours! He also loves the vet because everyone screams with excitement every time he walks in, he thinks it’s another version of Doggy Day Care!
    Miss Zee is so pretty and I know she’ll find a good home.

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