Little Zee, country mouse

Yesterday Little Zee told you about her love for riding in cars and the fun adventures that brings, but today, she wanted us to show you.

Our good friends recently bought a house on a beautiful 16+ acres out in the rolling countryside, and invited us up for the weekend to visit. So we did. And Zee did. And she loved it!

Naturally, the first thing Zee wanted to do when we got there was inspect the farm equipment. She took a good mosey all around it to check it out, had a great romp and roll around in the nice tall grass, got to let loose her inner tiger roaming the prairie, inspected the tractors, and reported back to us that she approves:

The next thing that any good little Zee does is charm all of the people by making eyes at them (single eyes and double eyes) until they fall desperately in love with her:

Later, while the boys were outside tending the fire and grilling our dinner, we got to spend some good quality girl time together:

We had a nice slumber party, and Zee got to experience the rare privilege of sleeping in the human bed with foster mom and dad, which she enjoyed thoroughly, softly snoring and dreaming of tractors and fields and hopping like a little bunny rabbit. In the morning, she was well-rested and ready to receive additional loving from everybody at the party:

Thanks for the fun, B & M! Little Zee loved your place and slept like a tired little bunny for days after we came home!

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  1. The more photos I see of her, the more beautiful she appears. It looks like she really enjoyed the quiet time away from the city. I can’t believe she knows how to wink! How do I teach my dog to do that? She is going to steal many hearts with that photo!

  2. I’m with Kristine. The more I see of Zabora/Little Zee, the lovelier she appears to be. She appears to be so gentle and loving. I hope someone wonderful snaps her up and gives her a forever home. PS: love the wink!

  3. Little Zee is wonderful! She’s captured my heart with her beauty. I’m sure that someone will snap her up quickly! If I lived in the area and didn’t have 3 dogs, I would! Looking forward to more adventures!

  4. Love, love, LOVE seeing dogs enjoying the great outdoors. Especially the ones that aren’t used to it! Yay for Lady Z… she’s a lucky girl. (and love the pictures of her with the tractor!)

  5. Am I the only one who noticed those AWESOME pajama pants?!?! Trailer park pants!!!!!!! Those are super cool and I want them. NOW! Also, Zee is adorable…but I think I’ve established that is my opinion on her. 🙂

  6. Sleeping in the bed with the humans? Now that’s the true indicator of being spoiled, as all dogs should be! It’s amazing to see what a little care and kindness does for a dog. Lady Z is looking fantastic!

  7. She seems so sweet; so glad everything is working out! She is reminding me more and more of our Mr. B who would love nothing more than to be a country dog and hang out on the porch. I wonder if she too will be a city dog longing for the country…

  8. Little Zee has what I like to call the ‘lean’ happening with foster dad. It’s the leaning into to a human while being patted and I think it’s one of the best feelings in the world. I think it’s the doggie way of giving a hug 🙂
    PS I think “Little Zee” suits her a lot!

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