Chix-a-Lot Friday: I LOVE a good painting . . . of myself

Yo. It’s me, Chick, here for Chix-a-Lot Friday, and I have a bunch of good newses– including some that can benefit you — so make sure to read all the way through instead of just getting stuck on the pictures!

Now. I’m no high-brow pit bull, but I love me a good piece of art, especially a good painting. That is, I love me a good painting of myself. And can you believe it’s taken me seven years to convince my mama to have one made of me? She says it’s because no custom dog art has ever inspired her before, but I know it’s obvious that she just didn’t love me as much before as she does now– after all, eight years old is her favorite number of years old for a dog to be, considering that both me and my foster sister Little Zee are eight, and we are her favorites.

Anyhow. Remember how our friend Kim from Yellow Brick Home donated a custom pet portrait to our fundraiser for Zee a few weeks back? And remember how more than fifty of you threw your lottery tickets in for that piece? (Yeah. I counted.) Well, guess what! All that time that we were collecting your lottery tickets and wondering who was going to win, my mama was pouring over a squillion pictures of me, trying to figure out which one to submit for our very own custom portrait that we commissioned.

As you can probably imagine, it took her forever to pick the right photo, but she did it! And Kim painted me! And our painting arrived! And I love it! Check it out!

Mama loved it even more than she thought she would, since it’s so hard to capture my expressive eyes, my noble ears, my perfect wrinkles, and my beautiful brindle furs. She said that Kim really “nailed it” which is confusing, since I don’t see any nails in the painting. But anyhow, we wish you could see it in person; the photo above is good, but doesn’t even close to do it justice. There is so much detail in there. Just the white on my body must be about 90 different shades. I wonder if Kim used 90 different paintbrushes just to paint my white furs? They never even taught me about 90 different shades of white in art class!

And there is even MORE fantastic-ness about my painting, Until last week, Kim was only doing paintings in a four inch square format, but my painting is a brand new whopping six inches! Me and Kim’s very own pit bull Jack were the first ones to get to be painted in this new size. Pretty rad, don’t you think?

Here’s a fuzzy photo mama took with her remote, just to give you a sense of the perfect size of these glorious, glorious six square inches of Chicken:

The original four-inch size is still available, do not fret. And just to prove it to you, here is a photo of me on six inches and my favorite foster sibling (and Kim’s!) Gonzo Bunny-Ears on four hot pink inches:

I can’t decide which one I love more. My glorious six inches, or Gonzo’s adorably compact four inches?

Here’s where we get to the good news for you, friends. Dear Kim and Scott were so generous to donate a custom portrait to our fundraiser a few weeks back, and they’re throwing in some extra generosity to thank all of you, dear lovers of Little Zee!

This weekend only — today, tomorrow, and Sunday — you can get 15 percent off any piece in Kim’s shop of mini paintings, including custom pieces of your own pets and premade pieces! Can you even believe your luck? So if you have been thinking about these sweet little portraits ever since our raffle ended, this is your chance to get one — at a discount. Here’s how:

Visit Kim’s Etsy shop here.  Select your option — four inches or six?  One pet or two? When you check out, enter discount code LITTLEZEE15 to see your discount automatically apply.  Send off your order. Relax with a nice cocktail. As soon as your portrait arrives, send us a photo of it — and your dog — so we can ooh and ahh over it also.

Go on, what are you waiting for?

22 responses

  1. I knew this day would come. Now Chick is right up there with the Mona Lisa.
    A handsome portrait of a handsome dog. But we already knew the part about the handsome dog, didn’t we?

  2. i ordered three a few days ago! i couldn’t resist. in fact, i was just outside taking a picture of lola for it. (who is a complete BRAT about getting her photo taken)

    LOVE how chick’s turned out. he’s so handsome!

    • Dear Kim, I just LOOOOOVE you (and Scott!). If you were here, I would wiggle my way right into your lap and cover that lovely face of yours with big tuna-flavored kisses. Then I would find out: do you REALLY have 90 tiny white paintbrushes to paint all of my beautiful white furs?? XOXO, Chick

  3. We loved seeing these and we can tell how Kim captured your eyes so perfectly. We’re thinking of doing having one done of both pooches on one, it’s choosing the photo that’s hard (we’re thinking of the one where they’re facing eachother and it looks like they have a knowing smile), but maybe we just want facing forward smiles…decisions…

  4. Oh, Chick… you do look most elegant and handsome in your painting! I might sneak this onto Mom’s Christmas list without her knowing… I think she’d really like one!
    ps. I left you (and your parents too!) an award on my blog today.

  5. Chick, you are most handsome in all your various shades of white furs. And we are just wishing our mom loved US enough to have custom painted portraits of all five of US. Or at least of me. I think I’m going to go ask her right now.

  6. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. I envy people with such talent. Kim really captured Chick in just a few strokes. To me it’s almost a miracle that anyone can do that.

  7. Momma said I could have a portrait and has ordered. She had to get one of the terrible twins (HER kitties) too….but at least they are on a different canvas! Wouldn’t do to have them on the same canvas a I am…..

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