Not just a napper

Little Zee wants everybody to know that she is not just a cuddly little napper– she may be 7 or 8 years old, but she still loves to party.  While she doesn’t need a ton of exercise and can get by on a few 10-15 minute walks a day because she’s so chill, she is also always up for a longer adventure or a good tongue bath to her favorite people. See for yourselves!

We especially love her waggling tail and butt when she walks, and how great her leash manners are:

And we love how engaged she is when it’s time to have a good cuddle. As long as we want to keep petting her and playing with her, she is excited to launch ambush tongue attacks– both hilarious and sweet:

26 responses

  1. Zee’s doing great! There really is a lot to say for adopting a senior dog. And how you videotaped and walked at the same time is beyond me – I’d have tripped or fallen off the sidewalk for sure!

  2. OMG these videos… they so perfectly sum up the two best things about her – her great walking manners and her snugglyness. Makes me miss her haha

  3. Mumma thinks Little Zee is just adorable and wishes she could take her home. Anouk is just glad that Little Zee lives all the way across the other side of the world (only room for one Tsarina in this house!) but Anouk hopes Little Zee finds her furever home soon (as long as it’s NOT with us)

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