Splish splash!

Last night was dog bath night at Casa Fosterfamily!  Dog bath night can go a lot of ways depending on who is being fostered — chasing a wet tiger-striped antelope of a Stevie Wonder around the living room after she manages to escape, needing four towels to mop the floor after pocket rocket Gonzo is through with his splashing antics,  or having to drag the bovine skeptic Lollie into the tub and keep her occupied with a heavy dose of peanut butter.

But last night, dog bath night was sweet and gentle, just like Little Zee — I carefully lured her into the bathroom with some liver treats — even though she was deeply suspicious as soon as she heard the water running — and she let me plop her right in the tub. She is such a good girl that she took the whole bath without so much as a complaint.

She was so resigned to the bath that she even sat down in the tub and stayed there while I soaped her up.

The closest she came to a protest was vigorously licking her face when I got it wet, as if to try to dry herself off and pretend the bath never happened:

We ended up with a clean, snuggly Zee, but her perfect cleanliness only lasted minutes — before we knew it, there she was, laying in classic Zee style, with her butt and tail on the dog bed, and the rest of her sprawled across the floor, dreaming of drier days.

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  1. Are you sure that Miss Z hasn’t already found her furever home? Looks like she stolen your heart…completely! ( I know she’s run away with mine, and I’ve never even met her in person.)

  2. Aw, Jack and Lady Z could be bath buddies. He doesn’t mind them either, and he has that same expression on his face as if to say, oh whoa is me, bath time again, ho-hum.

    But as soon as bath time is over, he runs laps around our coffee table, knocking everything off! Seriously, it’s crazy how fast he runs in tight circles.

    • My Mya girl has the same reaction after a bath. I would have to clear a path for her to run so she wouldn’t break anything. Her latest thing is that she can not blow the water off of her fast enough so she has to scoot her body against every couch, bed, carpet, etc to dry herself off. Crazy pitbull!

  3. OMG – these pictures are awesome!! How great that you thought to take one of each pup in the tub! I’d love to see how you manage to get them to stand still while you ready the camera. Little Zee is absolutely precious. I hope she finds her forever home soon….those humans will be so lucky!!

  4. The past few mornings in the shower, I have looked up to see our foster dog’s head poking through the curtain and getting misted with water. So far, he has only been bathed with a hose, which he hated, but I’m thinking his next bathy time might have to be in the tub. That always works better for our water-phobic husky mix, too.

  5. WHAT a good girl!!

    We got our turtlenecks yesterday and we love them. We will post about them tomorrow or Saturday. We can pretend we are snuggling with Miss Z!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  6. Lovely pictures, as usual 😉
    Have you ever tried putting a dark towel at the bottom of the tub? I was told that dogs hate bathtubs because they don’t see where it ends and having “solid” ground in form of a dark shape makes them more relaxed (don’t remember the exact reasoning as I read it before I got mine six years ago). This always seemed to work fine for my little monster and I have friends who had problems before and said that method worked for them.
    Hope Zee gets adopted soon, she seems like the perfect dog 🙂

  7. I love bath night at Casa Foster Family, there is nothing cuter than a soapy Zabora, or any foster. I just want to pet that velvety looking face of hers and give her smooches, here’ s to finding our very own mellow elderbull!

  8. I love that collection of them all in the tub! I had to give up bathing the pooches myself which was an all night event including me in a bathing suit and ending in crazy Miss M sprinting around our tiny apartment. If only she was more Little Z-like.

  9. Dear Ms. Zee, We will pay you in gourmet dog treats if you will teach Kolchak the art of Zen bathing. While you seem to have taken you bubbly adventure in stride, Kol fights the whole experience TOOTH and NAIL. He weighs 25 lbs and it takes two of us to wrestle him into submission and get him bathed. That boy is freakishly strong.

  10. That photo of Stevie is hilarious – and all too familiar. I know what those ears mean… One, two, freak out!

    Lady Zee is so well-mannered. I am sure she would never dream of running around the house like a loon. She didn’t even look that upset. Five points to the Elderbull!

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