no dogs on the sofa

. . . or so we thought.

After all, it’s a light colored sofa, and we do not suffer from a lack of dog-permissive furniture in our living room and den.

It’s not that our Little Zee sneaks up without permission. It’s that she’s so darn sweet and so good at finding the exact right spot to snuggle in, that you just can’t resist her pleading eyes.

One more dog rule, out the window.

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  1. That’s what I said when Reggie came. He’s got a comfy chair all to himself plus his dog bed. But when I come home I find Reggie furs on the couch and a big Reggie indentation in the cushion. So now I’ve changed my stance to…well if that’s the worst thing he does when I’m not home I can live with it. 😛

    • Hi Vanessa,

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  2. I tend to agree with Anne. Lil’ Z is technically not ON the couch, merely on something (or someone) who happens to be on the couch. There’s a difference. We’ll now be filing our MSJ, thank you very much.

    Please tell Lil’ Z my invoice is in the mail, and I’ll take my contingency in dog kisses.

  3. I may be a bad dog mama, because not only do I allow Maisie on the couch, I actually make her come up and snuggle with me even when she doesn’t want to. 😉

  4. Little Zee gets cuter and cuter every day. I think Foster Dad would agree! And she was just recently bathed – how funky can she be?? She’s living the life! Hope you’re making progress on finding her a permanent home. I’d have loved to scoop her up!!

  5. LOL. We had a similar rule. First it was “no dogs on the couch”. Which quickly became “dogs on the couch only when invited” which turned into “dogs on the couch if said dog performs a trick or at least sits first” which is now “dogs on the couch whenever the dogs feel like it.”

    The two of them are just so sweet together. I wouldn’t have the heart to kick her off either.

  6. Where did you get your gorgeous Love Me, Love My Dog print from? I need one, because it is my life motto. My nearest and dearest all know this and love me (and my dogs) despite it.

    My other half made mutterings about no dogs on the furniture, but he decided to head interstate for 3 weeks just after we got Anouk, and as far as I was concerned being the single parent of an energetic wheaten puppy is hard enough without resisting the temptation to snuggle said puppy on the couch… (wheaten puppies are sooooooo soft)

  7. She is currently in my parents’ room – on the bed! And we NEVER let dogs on furniture haha she is one lucky (or sneaky or very cute) girl. I also came home from work today and was surprised that she didn’t greet my by the door since she’d been upstairs by herself for the afternoon… come to find she was snuggled up on the couch having the nap of a lifetime. What a goof! I’m guilty of completely letting her get away with it though. Just can’t help it… the look! It gets me every time!

  8. sweet pictures! I’d say she can’t be on the sofa unless one of you is there to snuggle with her! Couches are made for snuggling!

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