Foster Dad’s Take: Guard Dog

You’ve heard a lot from FosterMom about Zee’s beauty, her love of car rides, and her fine taste in furniture.  But I wanted to share one of my favorite things about our little lady: her utter incompetence as a guard dog.

Every evening when I walk in the door after a long day at work, Zee hears me fumble with the lock and lets out a staccato but somewhat hoarse woof.  It’s never more than a lone syllable, but it’s loud.  Next, however, she doesn’t come bounding over to the door to check me out.  Instead, I hear her slowly disentangle herself from the cozy jelly bean she’s formed at Foster Mom’s feet and saunter toward the door.  As she rounds the corner, coming within sight of the door, she pauses, head and ears cocked, her forehead wrinkled with curiosity.
When Zee sees it’s me, she romps over for a hearty back massage, leaning so far into me that she loses her balance and plops her butt down on the floor.
Good guard dog!

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  1. Awww man, foster dad, I’m not sure we can be friends, as all Longhorns are mortal enemies of Huskers. Can Zee (and Chick and Stevie and Gonzo and Lollie) bridge that divide? I don’t know… 😉

  2. I know it’s wrong … but a teeny tiny part of me can’t help but wish that Zee would stay right where she is … so that we’ll never have to stop seeing sweet pictures like this! Can you make it part of the adoption that the new family has to start a blog so that we never lose touch with Miss Zee?

  3. It is my absolute favorite when she greets you upon your arrival home and leans so far in to you that she kind of slowly melts to the floor then all of a sudden everyone is on their butts. Love the pictures, as usual!!

  4. I’ve loved every one of your fosters! It’s a good thing I live no where near you and can really only handle one dog at a time due to limited space because I’d want to adopt every stinking one of them! But I admit that Miss Zee the Bumble Bee is my favorite.

  5. Oh, I second Tucker’s Mom! Though I have enjoyed and cherished reading about all your other foster dogs (Gonzo Bunny-Ears in particular), Miss Zee has truly become special – esp. after seeing that sweet, bumbling, playful video!

  6. It seems silly for me to say this, since I hear it all the time, but Zee is so tiny! Talk about a lap dog! She has the lean-n-roll move down- another benefit of being an older and more experienced pup. She knows all the best moves to get some lovin’.

  7. omg- what a sweet girl! I love the peering around the corner pic! I wish my Nyxie would bark less at every little sound and bump on the door. We still have a few bugs hitting the door to our home which sends her into a panic. Arwen and Fenway are more like Zee…que sera sera!

  8. Poor Zee. I hope she wasn’t counting on getting a job as a security dog. Of course, she is certainly capable of “cuting” an intruder to death.

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