Little Zee – Adopted!!

Wouldn’t you know? Our least traditionally “adoptable” foster so far has turned out to be the one to find her new home the fastest!

We are thrilled to announce that she has officially started her new, wonderful life without us. We couldn’t be more happy for her (and momentarily sad for ourselves).

With each of our foster dogs, we end up developing a picture of what the perfect family will be like. For Lollie Wonderdog, we dreamed of a nice, active family with plenty of patience, a big yard, and kind children to be Lollie’s best friends. For Gonzo Bunny-Ears, we held out for the rare adopter who worked from home, had another dog in the house, and would be willing to keep his important middle name of “Bunny-Ears.” With Stevie, we seeked sensitivity and tenderness, plus a little boy for Stevie to bond with, play with, and snuggle with on rainy days. In each instance, we won big.

With Little Zee it was not so clear. Zee is so easygoing that we came up with very few requirements for her forever-family. Sure, they would have to love her and appreciate how special she is — but who wouldn’t? Zee could be a great match for a seasoned dog-owner or a first-timer. She could live in the city or the country. She could have an apartment or a house. Children or no children? Doesn’t much matter.

But in the end we found a match so perfect that we couldn’t have even dreamed it up. Zee’s new mama, C, is an art therapist who works with seniors in assisted living facilities. She understands through and through that age is just an abstract label that cannot fairly be used to judge an individual’s abilities, dreams, or value in the world. C routinely ignores what so much of our society can’t look past — age-related disabilities and wrinkled skin — and helps individuals express themselves and thrive in a safe, warm environment. If there ever were a clear match for our Little Zee, I think we’ve found it.

So a few days ago, as Little Zee trotted and bounced her way out of our lives, we knew that she was wiggling her way into something truly special. Good luck little girl, your life has just begun.

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  1. Congratulations to Little Zee! I love that you envision and hold out for just the right home. The power of positive thinking in action…kudos to you for your patience and hope.

  2. Such wonderful news…how lucky Zee and her new mom are to have each other, and to have had you as foster parents. β™₯

  3. Happy day! What wonderful news for Little Zee and her new mom C. Little Zee just proves that it’s never too late! Thanks to you and foster dad for seeing that in her when she was still in the shelter.

  4. That’s fantastic news!! I agree with “Skinny Fat Kid” – without you, Zee may never have found the perfect forever home. I hope you take a lot of pride in that fact. I also hope we get an update or two on Zee and how she’s doing in the months to come. We fall in love with your fosters – almost as much as you do!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS ZEE! What a perfect family for you – one that truly values the elderly and their place in society – I see great things for you in your new mama’s work! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your life with us, Zee-licious! πŸ™‚

  6. Zee, you have deserved every moment of loving care and hope that your wonderful fosters have given you. I firmly agree that they made the difference in your getting adopted. And now you have your own forever home. It just couldn’t be happier news for everyone.

    I know one other requirement for adopting families should be, if it isn’t already, that they continue to send pictures and updates on your sweet happy life ( or Peggy Lee singing it here: This song was written for every animal that finds a great new home. I’m humming it now as I think of you. Kisses on your beautiful face, Little Zee.

  7. Ahh Aleks you almost made me cry! I miss her so much. But duh you’re right…. what a happy ending : ) CONGRATS, good job, you’re incredible… I could go on, but mostly thank you for making it possible for me & my family to experience such joy in the form of a little monkey. Now I think it’s time to get drinks in honor of little Z!

  8. Congratulations, Zee! Secretly, I was hoping for you to be around in the blogosphere a little longer so I could enjoy your beautiful bumbling ways. But when your forever family comes a-knocking… Have a wonderful life!

  9. Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations to Zee, and her fantastic family! I’m sure they’ll live happily ever after (and will, perhaps, send you pictures once in awhile?)

  10. I’m so happy for that sweet pea! Lots of love getting thrown C’s way. She sounds amazing.

    A question though… didn’t Tank get adopted after, like, a day? I thought he was your fastest foster? Or maybe I’m confused. Regardless, I’m thrilled for Zee!

    • Good memory! I don’t count TANK because he had met his dad while living at doggie daycare before he came to us, so we were not really a part of the process for him…

      typed by my trained monkey. please excuse tybos.

  11. I’m so happy for Z….I knew she would make it out but am glad that it was so quick…I’m glad you got to see her go before you made the move back down to Tejas.

  12. Hooray! C sounds absolutely perfect. It’s amazing how things work out when someone takes the time to care, as you and your husband have done, time and again. So happy for sweet Zee!

  13. What an incredible ending/beginning for Little Zee! It’s like magic how you guys work, attracting the perfect home for each of your pittie fosters. I’m so happy for C and Little Zee. It’s like a match made in heaven. Beautiful.

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