Introducing Curious Georgia!

So we knew it wouldn’t be long, but we were thinking it would be maybe two or three months — enough time to pack, move, and settle in to our new life — before our next foster. So how did it turn into two days?

Meet Georgia.

It’s been a tough couple of months at our county shelter. Everybody is working hard to push dogs out to rescue and foster, boost adoptions, and bring in donations to sustain the precious, fragile lives the county is responsible for. But it’s been the kind of spell that gives shelter workers nightmares. Adoptions are down because of the great adoption specials that neighboring jurisdictions are offering, and the dogs keep coming in. Two and three and four at a time. Kennel space is rare, and sometimes nonexistent. From time to time, heartbreaking decisions have to be made.

Curious Georgia was about to be on the receiving end of one of those heartbreaking decisions — a last call — when her personal angel showed up. A woman who works at the shelter and can’t have a dog but pulled her anyway because she just couldn’t bear to lose this girl’s honey eyes and disposition to match. She thought maybe if she could just hold on to sweet Georgia for just a few days, the stars would align and this tender little life would be saved.

So we stepped up. Two minutes after I met Georgia, she was wistfully sniffing every inch of my face. Ten minutes after I met her, she was curled up in a tight ball in my lap, and my heart was already making room.  Two days later, she was snoozing peacefully under our dining room table. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m sure glad it did. Come along for the ride– you’ll be glad you did, too.

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  1. Well you made me cry a little. You are such wonderful people, and she has a very sweet shmooshy face. One of the best benefits of the pit mixes are the kissable faces!

  2. Awwww, you two are a riot, 2 days sheesh. And you thought it would be 2 or 3 months? At the rate you are going you will probably have adopted out 2 or 3 more by then ;-). She is a cutie, I kinda agree with the boxer comment… might explain some of the ear confusion going on. Sounds like she is a sweetheart. Cant wait to learn more…. have you ever thought of turning this into your “job” I’m sure there would be a way to financially back it a bit online.

  3. Why does this not surpriseme? Georgia is beautiful! Sounds like she is where she was meant to be, at least for now…!♥♥

  4. Once you know what you’re doing for the animals in a shelter, it’s hard to walk away. Plus, you two have the softest hearts in the universe for pitties. Georgia is another stunner and a lucky girl in so many ways. Kisses on your little nose, Georgia. I can’t wait to hear more about you.

  5. I think Georgia will not need to be fostered for long–she really is adorable and seems to know how to pull heartstrings to her advantage. C’mon, new family out there, time’s ticking!

  6. I love her little ears! They’re what my husband calls “goblin ears”, ha! I also wanted to let you know that I received Sir Chick’s lovely thank you card for donating to Lady Zee’s fund, and it made my day. Such a dainty little paw!

  7. I feel like any time I’m going to be around her I’m going to have “Georgia on My Mind” stuck in my head for sure. Who could have come up with such a wonderful, fitting name ; -)

  8. YES! she is beautiful…those eyes! and she does bear a passing resemblance to a certain pink sweater modeling, tuxedo-front pocket pit I know. 😉

  9. You two are absolutely hilarious! When I saw yesterday’s post last night I laughed out loud. Addicted, you are, and more than a little crazy. But I understand completely and I am glad for it. The instant I saw the above photo I was in love. I can only imagine how powerful Georgia’s draw is in the flesh.

    Congratulations! You nuts. 🙂

  10. You guy are life savesr for sure! I wish I had a big place so that I would do what your do! It would be so rewarding to me in my life, instead of working a office job I don’t really like, but need the money to exist!

  11. You are SUCH a pushover. Wish I had Florida swampland to sell you! 🙂

    If she’s as sweet as you describe, I’m sure you’ll find her a forever home in no time. And where is our Chix-a-Lot Friday? 🙂

  12. Awwww….you have the biggest heart!! How could you resist once you saw Georgia’s adorable mug! Can’t wait to see/hear more about the newest addition. Chick has to be thinking “what the heck?! I thought we were taking a break.”

  13. I KNEW it! Yay for Georgia! Oh, gosh, she’s Most Beautiful. She has super terrific ears and super dreamy eyes. Wow, Georgia…do you know just how lucky you are?

    Thank you, Mr. and Miss Aleksandra (and Chick), for making room in your heart.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  14. Nice to meet you, Georgia! I’m already in love. I’m not sure if I believe in angels, but you and your pittie brothers and sisters and humans like your foster mom and dad make any doubt start to disappear. Sweet, sweet Georgia. Welcome to your new life.

  15. Hello beautiful Georgia girl!! Your foster mama and dad have THE WORLD’S BIGGEST HEARTS!!!!!! I am so happy they saved your life, and I wish nothing but the VERY best for you.

    I vote for Chix-a-Lot Saturday!!

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  17. I am a volunteer at the MCHS shelter and walked Laverne (which was her name at the time) many times over the course of her stay there. I fell in love with her from the first moment I took her out – her personality is exactly what draws us into love with these dogs. Never a problem, never aggressive, always kissy to the max. I made an effort to foster her in her kennel by bringing in special food and treats for her to build her up. Thanks to Kate for saving her from anything less than what she deserves, and thanks to you for taking her in and getting her placed. I would have taken her myself but for the fact that I can’t have dogs where I live (which is why I am the shelter 3 nights/week for over 3 hours at a time). The family who adopted her must already know how lucky they are, for they have gotten a dog who embodies the essence of dog-ness. She will fill their lives with joy and happiness for all her days, and I’m thrilled for that.

    • What a nice note. Thank you for this. Curious G was a joy to have in our home. Even our picky, grumpy Chick fell completely in love with her. She is having a blast with her new family — there are more photos on our blog facebook page at if you want to have a peek. She is our favorite kind of dog — shy and timid at first, then increasingly open, confident, and silly as time goes on. Best, Aleksandra

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