Chix-a-lot Friday: My review of Curious Georgia (so far)

I don’t know why mama keeps insisting on bringing girl dogs home. Doesn’t she know? Girl dogs are so pesky! Remember how Stevie was so in love with me that she was always staring at me and trying to make kissy face? I don’t know if it’s because of my devastating good looks or what, but the girl dogs are always obsessed with me.

The only dogs I have ever loved have been dudes. No girls. That’s just the way I roll. So when mama told me she was bringing another stupid girl home, I was pissed. Why couldn’t she bring me home another Gonzo — a cool little guy who would hang out with me but not stare at me all the time?

I first met Georgia on Sunday, after she was done with her meds for her ghirardhelli and her bordatelli (mama didn’t want me to get any of those “elli” diseases from her). We took a couple of co-walks and she kept trying to sniff sniff sniff my business end. Needless to say, I was not impressed. But because I’m such an experienced foster brother by now and I could tell that little Georgia girl didn’t mean me any harm, I stayed pretty relaxed, and mama was so impressed that we moved right to Georgia’s tiedown, skipping entirely over the whole week we normally spend with baby gates.

Mama kept calling it a “really big deal” and saying things about Georgia’s “sweet temperament” or “wonderful manners” or “mildness,” but I know that the real reason we moved so fast is that I decided to be extra awesome. And I had good motivation, too. Curious Georgia doesn’t eat much, so mama tends to leave her bowl laying around, hoping that Georgia will wander over now and then for a few bites of kibble. I knew this was a big opportunity for me, and the faster we got to free range status, the faster I would have a chance to inhale her dinner when mama forgot to hide it from me. That’s how clever I am!

But then something unexpected happened. I started to notice that even though I did find her staring and sniffing a little annoying, it got less and less annoying. By the end of the first tie-down day, Georgia had graduated to a drag line and I had graduated to sharing my bed with her. I even let her snuggle up a little closer than I normally let dogs get, just because she is kind of sweet and vulnerable and warm.

I still wasn’t entirely certain of what to think. All my life I had only liked dudes. How could it be that all of a sudden, a girl dog was giving me the warm and fuzzies? I kept pondering it over our first day or two of free-range, but then Curious Georgia did something that really sealed the deal and helped me realize that it was in fact love: she let me share her beloved octopus.

For more info on adopting Curious Georgia, click here or contact us at DCpetographer [at] gmail [dot] com.


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  1. Oh Sir Chix-a-lot, what a great foster brother you are, and that last photo; just divine. I especially love that last photo. You and Georgia are BOOTIFUL! I think it’s going to be my new desktop background 🙂

  2. Awww yay, glad they are getting along so well, makes things so much easier. I knew it wouldn’t take long with all those longing looks she gives. Some of those looks remind me of Luna a lot. Chick really does break the mold when it comes to liking boy dogs over girls, usually it’s opposites that work best. I have a feeling he probably wouldn’t much care for Luna, as she is a massive flirt with some boys, especially calm ones like him lol.
    Have a great weekend

  3. Chick – you make me laugh – especially when you said “pissed”!! LOL I love your collar, by the way. Very dude-like! I’m so pleased to hear that you like (maybe love) Georgia. She is such a sweetie…..and so are you! No wonder your mommy loves you – you’re a good boy!! Thank you for being such a wonderful foster brother, Chick.

  4. The last picture is awesome! They have gone from Chick looking a little unsure of his new foster sister to Georgia now being a little unsure and upset that Sir Chick has convinced her to share the octopus! He looks quite pleased with himself!

  5. Oh, those two are just so cute! I’m glad they are getting along. Love the contrast between a white dog and a black dog. That’s the current dog combination at our house as well!

  6. I love how happy you look when you are laying on the deck with Mom and Curious G! You’re not fooling anyone, Chick! You’re in looooooooove!

  7. Loving every word of this post! We’ve had to integrate lately here, too and we’ve finally settled into the “almost perfectly comfortable” stage. Congrats on an awesome new soul dog 😉 Sounds like finding a home will be a bit easier!

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