Helping Levi get lucky

Over these last few days of reflection on our first year fostering and blogging, we have become acutely aware of how lucky we have been with regard to fast adoptions, wonderful support, and great health of our fosters. I think our experience is the norm. But many foster families find themselves with a foster who needs a little extra help.

Meet SuperLevi:

SuperLevi is being fostered by our friends A and E in Chicago. He’s a fantastic young adult dog who could scarcely be more charming. However, even superheroes are not invincible. Levi has been diagnosed with a congenital eye condition that will cause him to lose his vision over time — unless he has surgery. The surgery Levi needs can fix his condition and make his super-vision as good as new. But it costs more than $2,000.

Levi’s rescue will step up and help save Levi’s eyes, but the price tag is more than they are prepared for. So Levi’s superhero foster parents A and E have decided to launch a monumental effort to raise the money needed for Levi’s surgery. They have organized a superhero walk for people and dogs in Chicago to raise awareness and money for Levi, and have even had these adorable SuperLevi t-shirts and bandanas designed for the event:

The goodies are available to those living outside the Chicago area too — and if that weren’t already enough to get excited about, they have thrown in some very cool dog-related gear as raffle prizes — hop over to A & E’s blog for details!

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  1. I will check this out for sure!! I’ll make a donation for Super Levi (who is super cute!!) and/or a purchase. Hopefully many others will do the same….and I suspect they will!!

  2. Thank you so much! SuperLevi is a great little guy, who has already had a tough life prior to becoming our foster. We know he had spent some time as a stray on the ‘mean streets’ of Chicago, and an overly long time at the shelter where his time was running out. None of this has broken his spirit, and we want to see him live a happy life with his new family. We have information about the T-shirts and raffle items on our blog here:
    and the direct link to his foster group is here:

  3. Dear Love-thank you SO much for posting this blog. I’m a board member at New Leash on Life and was there when Levi was picked out from Chicago Animal Care and Control. His foster parents are BEYOND amazing and he is the luckiest pup I know. That you went out of your way to do a post about him as well-I am truly grateful. Thank you, thank you!

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