Chix-a-lot week: Meet my new yard!

Hi guys!

I missed a few Chix-a-Lot Fridays because I was having so much fun playing with my uncle Tex the Lab at my grandparents’ house that I just didn’t have time to write. Plus I’m not great on the phone and mama was traveling in California, so I wouldn’t have been able to help her with the blogging anyway. So I’ve declared this week to officially be Chix-a-Lot Week!

Some of you have been reading for a while and remember that this foster brother supreme (me!) had to hang up his Maryland crab mallet and make the long three-day journey down to Austin, Texas, where he was happily reunited with his cowdog boots and pearl snap shirts. That’s right, we’re back in my homeland, Austin!

I can’t wait to start fostering other pit bull dogs again– it’s been almost a month since sweet Curious Georgia broke my heart by moving to her new home. But mama says we’re not ready quite yet, since we have a house full of boxes and haven’t even found our dog fostering supplies like our crate, extra leashes, bowls, and bribes treats yet. Hopefully we’ll get our first Texan foster dog right after Thanksgiving, yippee!

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to my new back yard! It’s my very favorite part of our new life, and it’s going to be perfect for all the dog fostering I’m going to do. It’s much bigger and much sunnier than my old yard, with plenty of stuff to sniff (the next door neighbors have free-range chickens) and plenty of places to roll around and scritch my own back (we have our own grass)!

This here is my new Live Oak tree. I have a couple of these in my front yard too, but this is the big one in my back yard. It’s my favorite place to take naps and sunbathe.

See that funny post there? That’s there to support the branch that sits on top of it. Live Oaks grow very very wide and not just tall, and sometimes they can’t support their own weight, and they need our help and the help of supports in the ground. This support supports the tree, and I support the support by peeing on it, eating all of my kongs right next to it, and taking all of my outdoor naps right under it. We’re getting to be good buddies!

Next up is my fire pit. When it gets cool at night in December and January, this is where we’ll invite our human and doggie friends over to sit around looking at the twinkly hot thing they make in there. Sometimes they put food on sticks and warm it up on top of the twinkly hot thing. Once I even got lucky enough to snatch one of the sticks that had been holding a sausage, and I ate the whole thing because it was covered in delicious sausage juices!

Okay, here is my mama’s new garden, and behind that, you can see some of our oak trees in the front yard. The people who lived here before had dogs too, and they cleverly put up an extra fence to keep the dogs out, can you believe it? I guess their dogs liked digging up tomato plants to find the compost and fish emulsion buried underneath as much as I do. I guess I’ll just have to admire her herbs, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and other goodies from out here. Oh well.

And last but not least, here is my very own dog house! Now mind you, I don’t do dog houses since the regular big house is my dog house. But still, it’s pretty neat to have a dog house in my yard. I plan to keep my foster brothers and sisters in there if they misbehave. Or that’s what I’m gonna tell them to keep them in line, because I’m nasty clever like that.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my new Austin yard!

31 responses

  1. Very nice! Mom was trying to come up with a one-liner for “guarding your post” or “a good soldier never leaves his post” but she can’t get it to work this morning. It must be too early. You have a beautiful back yard!


  2. What a fantastic new place. Love that Live Oak and of course the dog house is always a nice bonus (especially if one isn’t forced to use it 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Looks like you’re loving your new home, Chick! You look a little lonely in that big back yard….soon enough you’ll have a foster brother or sister to chase away (or possibly cuddle with)! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!!

  4. It was very nice of your Mom & Dad to provide you with you very own pee pole! If Hurley knew how to lift his leg, he would be very jealous.

    I am totally jealous of that garden! What a beautiful yard. I can’t wait to meet all the fosters who will be romping around in it.

  5. What an awesome spot! It looks like you are feeling right at home in Austin. No homesickness for the Northeast, I take it? My dog would be very jealous of all that space. And I am jealous of your tree! It looks perfect for climbing.

    I can’t wait to read more about your new adventures, Texas-style!

  6. Sir Chix – did your mean Mama wake you up to take that second photo? Your new yard looks lovely and you are as handsome as ever xox

  7. Sir Chick I love your new place! What a beautiful yard and the oak trees and garden… wow! And it sounds like you will be getting a new foster brother/sister soon… your Mom and Dad must be super movers to get settled in so fast! We have been in our home almost a year this December and sad to say we still have tons of boxes around haha. Can’t wait to read about more adventures though and I am excited for Chix-a-Lot week!

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