Rainy days are for supermodeling

Miraculously, it’s been raining on and off for a week in Central Texas. In a year of catastrophic drought, the rain feels like a cooling, soothing, healing miracle.

But not to the dogs. Our dogs love long neighborhood walks, laying out on the grass, frisking around after a ball or a stick, going to dinner at the outdoor food courts down the road to meet new friends and vacuum up errant french fries under the picnic tables, and trotting outside after a satisfying nap to do their business before bounding back in for dinner.

That is, they love these things when it’s sunny and dry.

When it’s rainy? These crybabies barely even poke their heads out the door before uttering a long, sad sigh and trying to escape back into their warm little nests, desperately pretending that they do not, in fact, need to pee.

Instead, adoptable primadonna Dora the Explorer loves to spend rainy days sitting in our chair, practicing her modeling poses. She’s pretty sure her left side is her best side.

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.

20 responses

  1. Reading your posts always starts my day on a good note. My dogs feel the same way way about rainy days, and much prefer the sunny ones.


  2. Sheesh what is it about some dogs?? Kaylee couldn’t care less about the rain, but Oscar looks at me like I’ve asked him to give up peanut butter Kongs if I open the door for him to pee when it’s raining! Then he’ll get to the bottom of the steps and stand there on the sidewalk, and send me one last pathetic look before he steps gingerly onto the wet grass, as if to say, “Why do you hate me?”

  3. Ha! My Norman (Corgi) hated the rain! I’d have to go outside with him to get him to do his business. Chloe (boxer) isn’t quite as bad, but it’s still not her favorite thing. The worst thing about the rain from my perspective…….my white Chloe get the South Carolina red clay splashed up her legs and “undercarriage” – what a mess! Give me sunshine any day!!

  4. My Zen doesn’t mind it too much, but Pepper just abhors the rain and cold weather. I get the same “why do you hate me?” looks and the “maybe I don’t have to go so much now” turnarounds, too. Dora is a beauty! Thanks for sharing her with us! 🙂

  5. Izzy doesn’t mind it. She does need a new raincoat though to help keep her dry! Makes everyone a little bit happier at the end of the walk. Izzy’s not soaked and I don’t have wet dog smell to deal with!

  6. Oh Mr. DeMille! It’s obvious that Dora’s left side is indeed her best side, and she’s so ready for her closeup!
    We are currently enjoying our first southern ‘winter’ here in Florida, and we have to laugh when Wilbur, who knows what snow is, shows no desire to ‘go potty’ even if it’s only misting outside (as opposed to blizzarding outstide!).
    Pitties are such sensitive creatures!

  7. Oh, dear! My Poppy doesn’t care about the weather. Her predecessor, however, objected to even having tall dewy grass tickling her sensitive belly. The look was definitely, “What did I do that you would torture me so?” 🙂 Personalities are so diverse in PB types… that’s what makes them so fascinating. Thanks for sharing your observations and photos. I always look forward to your posts.

  8. Is she gorgeous or what?! I love that underbite, what a doll! I just found this blog through BadRap’s site and can’t stop looking around. I LOVE your photography, what a wonderful way to show off these beautiful dogs in every day life. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Our Pit, Rilo, is a female and she absolutely hates the rain. To keep from going out in the rain she hangs her bum over the edge of the porch where the overhang keeps the rain off of her and does her business. The boys can’t do that bless their hearts.

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