In from the cold

While we’ve been busy wrapping ourselves in holiday cheer, Dora has been busy too — collecting admirers. Her toothy grin and her wiggly butt have made many an Austinite’s day, but when we got an email from a (then) complete stranger in Canada, asking for permission to send Dora a gift, our jaws hit the ground. A gift for our little foster dog from clear across the continent? You don’t say!

A week later, we felt like old friends with Dora’s Canadian angel Karen, and Dora was looking fly in two beautiful new outfits — both hooded and in raspberry pink, of course. We love the idea of somebody who truly understands what a chilling winter feels like sending posh winter gear to a foster dog who has just come in from the cold.

Last winter, Dora the Explorer was huddled up with her doggie brothers and sisters outside in a yard. This year, her winter is soft, warm, and raspberry pink. Thanks to Love-A-Bull, Dora’s winters will never be cold again. And thanks to Karen, Dora’s winters will look fabulous from here on out.

For more info on adopting Dora the Explorer, click here or contact us at info [at] loveandaleash [dot] com.


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  1. On the list of things to be grateful for this year, your blog is high on the list. Thank you for sharing your experiences with such thoughtfulness, and style! You have helped us find our way many times in our first year with our first beautiful pit bull, Zelda.

  2. I foster pitbulls as well, the province of Ontario has banned them so our rescue group does what we can to get them out safely to other provinces here in Canada. When fostering this breed you really do need a support network of people who understand what you do. All too often we encounter negative reactions, your blog is part of the support network that brightens the day. I love dressing up my Girlies as I call them (I currently have two foster pups) it makes them that much more approachable to the general public. As well we have harsh winters here and a jacket is a must. Thanks for keeping your blog, and good luck Dora, your home is out there!!

  3. Dora does in fact look “fly”. Hot pink is definitely her color. How nice of Karen to send along a jacket and sweatshirt!! It’s nice knowing that there still are good people out there…..

    • How good your heart is. Dora looks so lovely in the gifts you sent her. Many holiday blessings for you, and I pray someday my mother’s home, Ontario, will be free of BSL.

    • What a beautiful gift! Bless you! Dora looks radiant in her Raspberry Hoodie! You sure picked the perfect gift in the perfect color! Merry Christmas!

  4. Dora is so very fly in the most beautiful color that suits her to a T. Thanks, Karen in Canada, for your thoughtfulness.

    Work hard to turn that BSL around. Holland turned around their 20-year-old ban just two years ago. Pester those legislators until they hear you. You’ve got tons of data and lots of examples to show them that it doesn’t work. Ontario and Denver need to change their ways! Good luck in your fight!

  5. That’s right, we Canadians know how to do warm and toasty! This jacket and hoodie set is gorgeous!! The colours look stunning on Dora. Does Karen have a store from which I could procure such a thing for my dog?

  6. Adorable!! Pretty chic there Dora. My current foster, Mills, is such a cold weather weenie he quit walking this morning when we were still blocks from home 🙂

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  8. I just ordered the raspberry hoodie for my pink little pittie after seeing dora and chick in their red ones. She looks adorable, too, and it fits her barrel chest like a glove!

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