New year? Newly cleaned furs.

You could say it’s a New Year’s tradition at our house, but this would be the first year we’ve adapted it. Still, we like it. Nice clean dogs for a nice clean new year.


Dora disagrees. She thinks that dirty, stinky doggies are much more appropriate for a new year. If you don’t bring last year’s treasures with you when you’re turning over a new leaf, how can you be sure you’ll know who you are?

And so went the bathtub tango. Us offering peanut butter, treats, praise, songs, and petting. Dora turning her upturned nose and her underbitten face away, as though to say “Thank you, but I reject your pathetic advances.” Once in the tub, she refused to even stand with all four paws on the tub floor, as though she was preserving her dignity through just her pristinely dry front-left paw.

"I'll be damned if I put this last dry paw down, lady."


After some additional coaxing (I think fosterdad offered her a $100 bill and a sip of his Lagunitas IPA), she succumbed to the new bath tradition and bore it like the good girl that she is, even the much-dreaded face-washing.

nice and clean and ready to scram . . .

I'm a good girl . . . but which way's the door?

I'm going for it . . .

Is there a fire escape, maybe?


After we wrapped our Dora-bull in a nice thick orange towel, we all enjoyed a good romp on the bed and the world was whole again.


But welcoming 2012 with nice, clean, vanilla-scented furs wasn’t the only reason that Dora needed a bath . . . stay tuned tomorrow to find out her other motive!

22 responses

  1. Dora, you tease. I hope it’s really, really good news!!!! You are the cutest little thing in a grey fur coat. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Vanilla-scented fur? Sounds lovely. What kinda of shampoo do you use on the pups? And is Chick okay with smelling so nice?? I have a boy dog too, and he thinks bad smells are more manly!

  3. Ohhhhh….I hope Dora is meeting a potential forever family!! And I’d love to know what kind of shampoo you use – vanilla is my favorite (Chloe’s too). Good luck, Dora!!

  4. Ahh Dora Dora, once you learn your foster parents are more resilient than you life will be so much easier!
    PS Aleks- I love your new design, so fresh and adorable! Also, what dog shampoo do you use, I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to doggie baths especially since fostering a boy dog has provided a whole new level of doggie smell.

  5. Your pictures motivate me to get a better camera so I can capture my kids with that clarity. You truly take gorgeous pictures. My little mama always lifts a paw at bath time too =)

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