Clean dogs on clean sheets

After Snickerdoodle’s scary incident and subsequent visit to the vet this weekend, he and the Chick put their heads together and came up with what they considered to be the Very Best Course of Action: from here on, all dogs should sleep on the human bed.

When the vet ordered plenty of rest and TLC for the Doodlebug, surely this is what she meant.

But these guys know better than to think that us very disciplined human would let two filthy, smelly, frito-pawed, grass-stain-covered dogs sleep on our nice clean human sheets — least of all on “clean sheet Wednesday.” No, we’re too cold-hearted and clean-loving to allow that.

So the Chick and the Dude did an unprecedented thing: they volunteered for a bath.

I should have known they were trying to trick me. I should have seen it coming. But I blindly trusted these two con-artists, and gave them a quick hosedown and a good scrub with some nice shampoo. What resulted was some very clean, naked, and fresh-smelling wonderdogs — sleeping on our bed.

"Chick, do you smell that? It smells amazing." "Yes Dude, it's us, and it smells great!"

"I'm already daydreaming about nightdreaming in that nice, comfy human bed."

"Ok Chick, on the count of three, pretend to be sleeping in their bed."

"One, two, three. . . "

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27 responses

  1. love it. they are so precious. I put a sheet over my spread so Jack could lay up there and not hurt my spread. He is so spoiled. we rescued him ten years ago and he has two toy boxes and a bed in each room. He is an old man now but still got that personality.

  2. Mmmmm…freshly washed doggies, almost as delicious as the smell of puppies. What a gorgeous pair Chick and Snickerdoodle make and how clever of them to work out that bath+rest = human bed. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Snickerdoodle, that is one smoochy face and Chick really seems to adore the male company.

  3. I am usually at my happiest at night when we all snuggle down in bed. I’m most happy when we snuggle down and my two Boston Terriers have just had a bath! Love the photos!

  4. I don’t know how anyone could resist that cute pair!

    I don’t know why I never thought of putting a sheet over by bed-dpread………duh. Mind you, Oliver sneaks up to the pillow beside me in the middle of the night.

  5. So cute, cool and dreamy to see your guys getting spoiled just exactly the way they *should* be (not that you’d ever treat them any other way)! In Cori’s domain, it’s a given that hounds allow the human to sleep in the so-called human bed…

  6. They are too cute together! Honestly, I dream of a day in which you can happily own two beautiful boys and still continue fostering a third 😉 Now I’m just being selfish…

  7. Score card: Well meaning humans A+
    Cute dogs A++

    So far, you’ve all aced this foster experience.
    Yea for quick-thinking humans and give-me-an-inch-and-we’ll-take-a-mile pups!

  8. I always thought there was nothing better than fresh, clean sheets. Now, even better than that, fresh clean doggies on the fresh, clean sheets. our Great Pyr, Karma, got groomed this week and I just love snuggling up with her on these cold nights. It’s just the best! Chick, keep up the good work coming up with ways for The Dude to stay calm and rested. You guys are a-dor-a-bull!!!
    (FYI, Karma has storm anxieties and we use a combo of the Anti-Anxiety Wrap and either valerian root or Happy Traveler capsules. It helps alot)

  9. AH!!! I love Chick and Bug together!!! My girl has been sleeping under the covers with me head on my pillow ever since our last foster dog left. Guess she needed the extra snuggles. Her velvety furs always smell nice, so I don’t mind the extra laundry 🙂 Also, my guess is that little humans pack some pretty dirty, smelly stuff when they sleep in mom and dad’s beds, and that is rarely frowned upon!

  10. They look so beautiful in those photos, I hope Snickerdoodle’s heartworm treatment goes well.
    I only recently found your blog, and I think it’s great. I’ve included you in my “Liebster Award” list (you so can check out the details in my blog post today.)

  11. Loved reading “frito-pawed” in reference to the smell of their paws – I have assessed the very same smell on my dog’s paws!

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