The Great Raincoat Debate

Settle something for us boys, would you? We only have one raincoat, and when it’s rainy like it has been recently in Austin, only one of us can stay nice and dry.

So who looks better in the coat?

This Chick?

Or this Dude?

The stakes are high here. The winner gets to wear the coat in the next set of storms!

81 responses

  1. While Chick is very dapper in the duds. But, Mr. Dude can truly carry off the orange. It brings out his glistening amber eyes.

  2. Wow! Tough decision. While the chick looks great in the neon coat, snicker doodle is almost flying away with excitement. Look at his ears! Haha!

  3. Your foster-fur-kids are SO adorable. This post made me giggle because I swear, when they don’t have on the coat they look sad! I’d love to purchase another raincoat for you. If you’re okay with that you can find my email addy on the blog I write weekly… Animals are one of my passions in life and your posts often bring joy to my day. Thanks.

  4. They both look fabulous in it. I think contest should be who looks the most dismayed not wearing a raincoat. I think we need to take up donations for a 2nd coat! The Dude looks like he is feeling better! Yay!

  5. I agree with Jena… look at how whoever has the coat on is a bit perkier… knowing how good he looks! I think a 2nd coat is definitely in order

  6. I have a feeling Chick and Dude may have multiple raincoats to wear soon! All different colors, depending on their mood!

    The both look dapper. I love Dude’s face in the first photo, “if I look sad enough, no one will vote for Chick”!

  7. This is a nearly impossible choice to make!! Chick looks good in anything!! But I have to say that I think the orange against Dude’s brown coat looks awesome!! I think it’s time to buy a second raincoat!!

  8. hahahahahaha, ā¤ this! Dude! Please, pretty please, let Doodlebug wear the coat – he has not had many blessings in his life, and a coat like this definitely makes him look all perky! Chick, no doubt, looks ravishing in the coat, but Chick is such a lucky blessed loveball, I think he himself would even prefer to let his favorite Dude have the coat, no?

  9. Orange on the Dude looks so awesome. Makes his eyes ‘pop.’ I say let the Dude wear it since he’s the foster dog and because of his heartworm treatment. Then, Chick is free to wear it any other time. I love your blog. It’s wonderful!

  10. Oh my gosh! When Chick has it on The Dude looks kinda pitiful…..and then when The Dude has it on you can tell he’s sitting up a little higher!!!!! TOO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!!!!

    I can’t possibly choose.

  11. Dude looks very sad without the coat on. Just look how he perks up in the photo donning it. Gonna have to vote for Dude.

  12. I love how each one of them looks more upright and perky when he is wearing the coat. The other one without the coat just looks sad.

  13. I like the way the orange coat frames Chicks face. Now the Dude would look very handsome in blue or lime green….if you were in a shopping mood;)

  14. How is a person supposed to choose between two very handsome gentlemen? That is an impossible choice! But because I am a sucker for his ears, I’ve gotta pick the Dude.

    Sorry, Chick, it’s nothing personal, I swear!

  15. They both look so cute it’s hard to decide! I think the color suits the Chick the best–so maybe the Dude needs one in green. I think green would really be a great color on him!

  16. While they both look quite smashing in that coat, I’m leaning toward Chick on this one. I think the contrast of the orange against his beautiful white fur is just delicious. šŸ™‚

    Good thing it doesn’t rain too often in Austin.

  17. I think you should get another coat! But if we’re choosing based on the way it looks I have to say The Chick. šŸ™‚ The orange looks so good against his white fur! But Dude is the foster maybe the rule should be foster goes first and then they take weekly turns?

  18. I definately thought that I was going to vote for The Dude since I love the brown/orange color combo, however after seeing them both in the coat, I totally think The Chickster pulls off the coat a little better!

  19. They both look adorable – I think we need to chip in for a second coat. I need one for my pittie – where did you get it?

      • Thanks for the heads up – and thanks for turning me on to BaxterBoo. They are great! I’ve order three hoodies so far for my pittie, Victoria. Two raspberry and one green – she looks so cute in them and loves to wear them around inside and outside. šŸ™‚

  20. I definitely can’t chose; I’m distracted by the look of the coatless dog in each picture! In the first one, Dude looks heartbroken that it isn’t wearing the coat. In the second, Chick has his eyes narrowed, like “next time…..”

  21. I vote for the Chick. The Dude looks awesome in it, but there’s just something about Chick in that orange coat! So cute!
    Truth be told, I see the need for a second raincoat. šŸ™‚ Then both boys get to be dry, AND adorable. šŸ™‚

  22. Do they like to go out in the rain when they have the coat on? My 3, come to a complete stop at the back door when there is so much as a mist. Wondering if a rain coat would change there minds about the situation.

  23. I don’t think I can choose–they both look smashing! Do they both actually enjoy wearing it? My boxer Gertie doesn’t particularly like the rain, but I think she would like it even less if I put a raincoat on her.

    • They are both pretty stoic about the rain. The coat is mostly for me– it makes cleaning them up after a walk SO much easier if all you have to clean is some feet and a head!

  24. When Chick is wearing the raincoat, The Dude looks so wistful… yet, when The Dude is wearing the raincoat, The Chick looks positively sour! Such a hard decision… but I’ll have to go with Mr. Chick since he looks jubilant in blaze orange!

  25. Okay, you know I love Chicklet so much, but that orange just compliments Dude better…plus, he’s sick, so I know Chickarooney will be totally cool about sharing, right?

  26. Sorry, Dude – but Chick is older and more regal in the coat. You just look like a little kid. And if Chick wears the coat, you both get a bit of orangey-amber color going on, so you complement each other.

  27. They both look so doggone fantastic in the coat, that I vote to get another one for Chick, in blue. But if that’s not possible right now, I vote to let the Doodlebug wear the coat since he has some health issues to recover from. Plus, when my dogs wear their rain coats, they think their movement is restricted, which could be a good thing for the Doodlebug.

  28. I would say Dude. Look how sad his ears were when he wasn’t wearing it and then how happy they looked when he had it on! šŸ™‚

  29. Ooo that’s a toughie…Both of them look wonderful in it! I would have to agree with some of the others. I see the Dude with a different color that compliments his lovely browns…So my vote goes towards Chick!

  30. I think Chick may have an unfair advantage, he’s had more time to practice modeling the coat. I do think it looks best on him though, against the white furs.

    Poor Doodle looks so bummed when he isn’t wearing it, so maybe a matching one is in order, or maybe Chick can take one for the team and let his foster brother practice for a while; this is an impossible decision!

  31. I vote for Dude, just because he is going through HW treatments & needs to stay warm & dry & calm & adorable! Both Chick & Dude look very dashing in the coat though! I agree…time to shop for an extra coat! šŸ™‚

  32. You are just going to have to get another rain coat. May be a red one for the Dude. My 3 boys all have rain coats and love them! Nothing like pits sporting weather attire! So cute!

  33. There really is only one solution…gotta get you guys another raincoat! They are both so handsome! The white Pitt looks striking in his rain attire while the brown & white one has those soulful eyes! Sorry, no help here…lol…cannot choose! Ok, ok the hansome fella in white!

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