A little gift to raise the spirits

It’s been rainy in Central Texas lately, which is a real blessing. We’re in the midst of a historic drought, so a little bit of moisture for the earth makes us pretty happy.

It’s also been raining gifts and surprises in our house over the past few weeks, since the Dude was diagnosed with severe, late-stage heartworms. We’ve been amazed at the kindness and generosity of our blog and facebook friends, who have sent cards, notes, emails, photos, and even a couple of little packages to help the Dude make it through his nasty ten-week treatment (and help the Chick be the sweet, loving big brother he needs to be).

A few days ago, we got this package in the mail from our facebook-friend Rachel from Tumball, Texas:

It was a beautiful card with a historic photo of a pit bull type dog dressed up in a jaunty top hat, pipe, and party suit, and a pair of custom, hand-knit, perfectly sized scarves! Naturally, the boys –who LOVE to dress up — couldn’t wait to wear them on the first chilly occasion they god, and pulled them out this weekend for the 10-minute “snow” storm we had.

The scarves are so cozy and chic that they make the boys feel like 1920s artists and writers, sitting around at an outdoor french cafe drinking cognac and tea, arguing about love and politics!

Thank you Rachel!

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  1. That is such a great picture of the Dude And Sir Chick with thier kne scarves, it belongs in a calendar! I hadn’t noticed until I saw this picture how well they compliment each other. Hope the Dude is feeling better. ā™„ā™„

  2. How thoughtful and sweet! We’re also loving the rain in Dallas, both for the drought relief and for a chance to wear fun cool weather duds. Those 2 handsome boys look cozy and avant garde in their handmade scarves. “Another espresso,please!”

  3. What a wonderful surprise, don’t you love getting mail? Rain AND snow?? you sound like you live here. That is pretty much the story of this winter, with much more of the former. I hope the Dude is feeling better this morning. I know you all will be much happier when he is all healed. Anybody request to adopt him already? I bet you have been fighting people off without telling us. šŸ˜‰

  4. Could these boys be any more handsome? No, I think not!

    Elway (my handsome fella) and I are so pleased to read The Dude is doing well with his HW treatment and that he was a brave boy. And we tip our hat to Chick for being an awesome Big Brother!

    Your blog is one of the first things I read each day. It’s a perfect way to begin a day.

  5. Love the pictures of the boys and their new scarves. Rachel – that was just so nice! It does my heart good knowing that there are still exceptional people in this world. Kisses to Snickerdoodle – hope he’s doing well today.

    • i just love to crochet and i love aleks’ pictures of the boys, so i really sent them just to get aleks to take more pictures! plus i just thought they’d look really cute!!!

  6. Love the scarves, but more importantly, how is the Dude doing??? I never realized how awful those shots are, hopefully your description motivates people to keep their pets up to date.

  7. Great job, Rachel, and so thoughtful. I’m wondering though if Rachel might be from Tomball and not Tumball? If it is Tomball, then you’ve got 2 fans from our little town.

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  9. Rahcel did a great job with the scarfs. They look so adurable on them. I love the picture of them sitting in the chairs at the table. It looks like thye are waiting for their order.

    Glad to see Dude is looking better!

  10. I was watching the videos of Zee. Has she been adopted? We have 2 furbabies our selves so we are not looking. I am just curious and sending blessing. What a lovely happy dog!

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