Chix-A-Lot Friday: I am a really big deal (and another package for the Doodle)

I already suspected that I was a really big deal because of the way people always dote on me and tell me how handsome and clever and charming and sweet and soft I am. But now I KNOW I am a big deal. Wanna know how?

Well my foster brother Dude is sick with the heart-eating worms, so he’s been getting lots of extra treats and pets and packages in the mail from blog-friends. But here’s the thing: I am not sick with any kind of worms at all, but I am also getting extra treats, pets, and packages! Obviously there is no sickness-reason for me to be getting special things, so I must be getting them just because I am such a big deal — right? And believe me– I am not complaining.

Last week we got another package in the mail from one of our blog readers, a nice lady from a cold place in the North. Her name is Kate. Mama gets packages all the time with business stuff and rescue stuff and shoes and books and other things, so I didn’t think much of it. But the second that package came through the door and I gave it a quick sniff, I knew. I could smell that the address label said not “Mama” but “Sir Chick and Snickerdoodle” on the front of it. Hooray for me!

So the Dude and I stared her down patiently waited until she opened it. And when she did, we couldn’t believe our eyes. We were so amazed by how beautiful the insides of the box were that we nearly forgot about the jars of treats that were underneath all the beautifulness. Mama must be some kind of magician because she took all that beautifulness, untangled it, and hung it on the wall, until it looked like this:

I bet you don’t even know what that is, right? Well I will tell you! It’s like an advent calendar, only for counting down not till Christmas, but till Dude has officially kicked all of his wormies!

There is one card for each day between last week and the day that the Dude can officially play tug-of-war and go running with me.

Inside each card, there is a happy thought for them people, and another for us dogs. Like this. (I will let you guess which happy thought is for them humans and which is for us dogs):

And boy oh boy, our gift-giver sure did hit the nail on the head! How did she know that mama loves lunchtime margaritas, and that we love packages in the mail with doggie treats inside? She must be a mindreader!

So every evening, mama plucks another card off our Dude-vent calendar and grabs two cookies from the cute jars that Kate sent us, and we go into our very favorite room– the movie / office / dog / guestroom / home of The Dora. Mama asks me and the Dude to lay down on the rug, and reads us our happy thought for the day. Then we each get a cookie.

We can’t get over the yumminess of the cookies, the thoughtfulness of our blog friend Kate, or how beautifully our Dude-vent calendar matches our favorite rug in our favorite room. Mama says nobody has ever done anything quite so creative for us before. She even got a little leaky-eyed when she opened up the package and saw all of the beautifulness inside and read all of those words on the big piece of paper. And now eveningtime is our favorite time of the day! Thank you Kate, we just know that Mr. Dude’s recovery is going to speed on by!

42 responses

  1. Wow…I would get all leaky-eyed, too! What a thoughtfully wonderful thing to do! Cheers to lunchtime margaritas and a worm-free Dude! Glad fo see him back home and kicking those nasty bugs. Happy Friday 🙂

  2. What a great, creative and thoughtful gift! And Sir Chick, it’s good to know that you realize what a big deal you really are. Hope the Dude is feeling better every day. ♥♥

  3. wow. the pittie blog community never ceases to amaze me. this is one of the sweetest most thoughtful things I’ve ever heard.

  4. Such a beautiful and wonderful gift! How very sweet! I have to tell you, reading your blog is is so absolutely wonderful. Not only do we get to read all about Chick and Snickerdoodle and your other wonderful fosters, we get to experience, on a regular basis, that there are still some pretty amazing, thoughtful and caring people in the world. Much love to you, Sir Chick, The Dude, and all of your caring friends and fans. ❤

  5. Awww thanks Aleks! It looks so pretty hung up too, much prettier than when I tangled it up in the box 🙂 Dude-vent calendar…perfect!!!

  6. I love your blog, the photos and following the story of your fosters. These two boys are so delightful together. What a nice gift to receive to help you all celebrate each day closer to health.

  7. This is truly amazing!! The time that went into this package – it had to take hours!! Kate, you outdid yourself. And yes, Chick, you ARE a BIG DEAL!!

    • It did take some time, but I have a secret love affair with pinking shears, labels, card stock and curling ribbons so it was fun! I’m actually going to make them more often too. There is always something to countdown and celebrate right?!?!? Maybe a side craft job 😉

  8. This ranks right up there with the most thoughtful and wonderful gifts in the history of gift-giving. What a wonderful, happy way to count down the days in your recovery, Dude. It won’t be long now.

  9. What a beautiful, thoughtful and creative gift, Kate. Joyful.

    Note to Sir Chick: You ARE a big deal. But don’t tell you-know-who I said that.

  10. Wow! That is absolutely beautiful! Kate is a very lovely & creative lady! How special! And yes, Sir Chick…you are a Big Deal! Keep taking good care of your Doodlebug Bro.

  11. Looking forward to hearing about the encouraging messages sent by Kate and how they helped you get through the days ahead ! Kisses to Chick and the Dude!

  12. This is so cool! This is seriously one of the neatest things I have ever seen. I might have to steal this idea for a human as my niece is in a cast and this would make the time fly for her! Again, so cool!
    Hope the pup feels better soon gets to play! Now when my pup Myrtle was sick, she always looked more sad when the others in the house were running around with their toys and she was stuck laying on the couch unable to join in. Lots of healthy warm fuzzies being sent to Chick and Doodle!

  13. This is honestly one of the most creative ideas I’ve ever seen! I LOVE IT! I think I may replicate this for my mom, who is a teacher with a difficult class this year, so she can count down the days until summer! I hope the Dude gets better and better every day! He’s such a sweetheart!

  14. I got leaky-eyed reading this! That is so creative/thoughtful/sweet/wonderful of your blog friend! Sweet doggies 🙂 And I am always amazed at how clean your rugs look. I feel like I vacuum constantly and somehow there is still a trail of toy stuffing everywhere!

  15. Just shared your blog on my Facebook page. So very inspiring! I’ve been involved with many pet rescues myself. Thank you for sharing your stories and wonderful photos.

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